Death Stranding Buildable Structures, Best Locations and Upgrades

Death Stranding consists of a world broken apart, that you are tasked to bring together. You can build structures in various parts of the game which the players can support with Likes. If you really feel like being a part of this community, then build structures in various places to help out. Let us go through all the buildable structures present in Death Stranding, where you might be able to place them, and how to build them.

Death Stranding Buildable Structures

Structures can be built using PCC which is made by using the terminals connected with The Chiral Network. Progressing through the game, you will unlock various structures. You can build only a finite number of structures before you run out of bandwidth. What’s bandwidth? The amount of bandwidth increases by discovering more areas, and hence increases the number of structures you can make.

Hold left on your D-Pad, you will see a hologram of the structures you want. Place it on flat ground. If you cannot place it, then see if you are in the premises of another player’s construction., or within the area of a Facility or a Prepper. Press down on the D-Pad to cycle between the various structures.

Upgrading and Customizing Structures
Go to the structure you want to upgrade and hold square. Now, you can either dismantle, upgrade or customize your structure. Simply click upgrade to improve your structure. Each upgrade provides you with various bonuses. In time they will decay, but upgrading them up till level 3 will lower the rate at which they decay.

Upgrading your structure to Level 2 unlocks customization, so you can play music or send helpful messages to other players or simply project to a hologram. Unlock more of these customizations as you level up facilities’ connection levels as you complete more and more deliveries.

Building Watchtowers
As the name suggests, you can head to these to identify items in distances. A good place to put them would be near somewhere you found a lot of points of interest, so you could help others.

For yourself, you can scout out every item in an enemy camp by setting a watchtower nearby. With complete intel, you can target points of interest, go in and get out as quickly as possible.

Requirements: PCC Level 1, Start Order 7.

Level 2 Upgrade: Custom Slot (32 Chiral Crystals, 400 Metals)

Level 3 Upgrade: Timefall Resistance Boost (150 Chiral Crystals, 800 Metals)

How to Build Generator
You need these babies to charge up your batteries for everything. Your exoskeleton, your vehicles etc. Energy, like real life, is a commodity, and you need these to explore the map with ease. You might want to put these generators in between points of travel, where you think you might run out of battery eventually, this will give a boost to your time of commute.

Place them at reasonable distances from a facility so that you can keep moving to your destination.

Requirements: PCC Level 1, Complete Order 9.

Level 2 Upgrade: Increase in charging speed, increase in charging range and Custom Slot (400 Metals).

Level 3 Upgrade: Timefall Resistance Boost (100 Chiral Crystals, 400 Metals)

Building Bridges
Bridges require a lot of materials for construction, so make sure you place these wisely. If you can traverse something by doing a little detour, then avoid placing the bridge there.

Find a crevice, or a river that might help you and other players, and simply put the bridge there. If placed right, these can cut your time drastically and help you and other people get to their desired locations easily.

Requirements: Start Order 10, PCC Level 1, 800 Metals.

Level 2 Upgrade: Custom Slot (32 Chiral Crystals, 400 Metals)

Level 3 Upgrade: Timefall Resistance (500 Chiral Crystals, 2,800 Metals)

These elementary structures are for you to store your items in so you don’t get overburdened, also somewhere you can store some items for other people to use. If you feel like helping others out, leave something for someone to use.

You can put these near enemy locations, or anywhere you think someone might need to stock up before they head in guns blazing.

Requirements: Complete Order 4, PCC Level 1.

Level 2 Upgrade: Increase to Storage Capacity and Custom Slot (200 Metals)

Level 3 Upgrade: Timefall Resistance Boost (600 Metals)

Timefall Shelter
If you rest under a Timefall Shelter, your items will be instantly repaired. Certain parts of the map will have rain pretty much all the time. Use Timefall Shelters to wait out the rain.

To help out other players, place these in remote areas or somewhere with harsh weather conditions so players can make use of it instead of having to drag themselves along with broken gear.

Timefall Shelter does not repair vehicles.

Requirements: Complete Order 27, PCC Level 2.

Level 2 Upgrade: Container Repair Spray Effect Boost and Custom Slot (32 Chiral Crystals, 400 Metals).

Level 3 Upgrade: Timefall Resistance Boost (300 Chiral Crystals, 1,200 Metals).

Safe House
Safe House is a sight for sore eyes, and seeing these means you can take a deep breath. They will recharge your stamina, repair your vehicle, give you more Blood Bags, and relax BB. Safe Houses also function as a Postbox, allowing you to stash your items as well.

They require a lot of free land to build, but you can place them near smaller facilities like waystations. Place these before and after dangerous camps or territories so that people may rest before entering and after exiting the facility.

Requirements: Complete Order 27, PCC Level 2, 300 Chiral Crystals and 2,400 Special Alloys.

Level 2 Upgrade: Custom Slot (500 Chiral Crystals, 4,560 Special Alloys)

Level 3 Upgrade: Timefall Resistance (1,000 Chiral Crystals, 6,840 Special Alloys)

Other miscellaneous items you can place include:

Structures Cost
Anchor 16 Resins
Sign Free
Ladder 20 Metals
Zip-line 240 Chemicals, 300 Chiral Crystals, 1440 Chemicals, 1440 Special Alloys

The online element of Death Stranding is curious and has people joining in and helping out everyone in the community. The interaction through helping has people placing ropes so that others may not face the problem they did and are easily able to descend and continue their journey. The little things done by other players help everyone out, and the system is just amazingly well thought out

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