How to Calm, Soothe and Interact with BB (Bridge Baby) in Death Stranding

Bridge babies are a central part of Death Stranding’s story. Also known simply as a BB, these are babies are taken from a stillmother, and are then used by Bridges operatives. This guide goes over in more detail regarding the nature of BBs in Death Stranding, their uses and their survival needs.

Death Stranding BB (Bridge Baby)

Stillmother is the term used to label brain-dead mothers in the ICU. Their wombs link a Bridge baby with the world of the dead, so that Bridge Operatives who have established a trance connection with the BB can make use of this link. BB’s are kept in portable pods that simulate the conditions of the womb from which they’ve come so that they can function normally.

Bridge Baby Uses
The connection between the Operative and BB is interlinked. Whenever Sam connects to his BB, he experiences memories and feelings that are not his.

The main reason that Operatives carry these around is so that they can make use of their connection to the world of the dead, and detect any nearby Beached Things (or BTs). These are creatures from another world that showed up  and got stranded on Earth during the Death Stranding phenomenon.

With the BB connected, you can use the Odradek Scanner to detect the nearest BT and make its appearance clearer. You can only do so if you’re you staying still. Moving after spotting one will cause it to disappear. Most BBs are retired after a year of service.

Taking Care of Bridge Babies
Aside from being kept in portable pods, the BBs need looking after so that they can stay functional. The pod must be placed in a synchronization incubator so that their environment can be improved with up-to-date data from a stillmother’s womb. This helps lower the baby’s stress levels.

Should your BB start crying, then simply press L1, down on the D-PAD and Square to calm down your BB. If the situation is beyond salvageable with a little rocking, then an alternative method is to go to a hot spring which will help out immensely, or just simply go to a Distribution Center, a private room or a Safe-House. It’s just like real life. These relaxation spots can be found all over the game’s world and help relax both you and the child you’re carrying.

They don’t have markers that indicate their locations but you can leave behind a sign to mark the locations of any you’ve already come across. This way you can find them later. If you’re lucky, other players will have marked them for you already.

You yourself can also be a source of comfort for the BB. Interacting with it doesn’t helps reduce its stress, and therefore; keep its lifespan safe.

Moving through water although causes BB some stress, you can simply change this when you get the Otter Hood from the Cosplayer Prepper during episode 3. When you equip the Otter Hood, you can control yourself in deep water, and Sam will act like an otter, which will cause BB to be happy.

If the BB is stressed, you can soothe it with some gentle music from a harmonica.  Whatever method you go with, just make sure you can keep your BB calm and relaxed as much as you can. Otherwise, it will die sooner.

That’s covers our Death Stranding Bridge Babies guide