Death Stranding Gets Another Trailer, One Month After Release

Chances are that you might have heard about a little game called Death Stranding. It features a star-studded Hollywood cast and was developed by someone named Hideo Kojima who apparently worked on something called the Metal Gear franchise.

If you were living under a rock for the past few months, take heed that Sony has released a new trailer for Death Stranding to offer insight into what the game is all about. The trailer, of course, comes over a month after the official release and in all likelihood, Sony will continue to pump even more trailers to market its game of the year contender.

Death Stranding is the first game from Kojima after his controversial split with long-time employer Konami. He recently spoke about how the inspiration behind the game was a feeling of loneliness that has been present in him since childhood. The enigmatic storyline includes a lot of novelty features sewn right into the game, making it very different from the usual major releases nowadays. Also, in typical Kojima fashion, Death Stranding has a ton of product placements that players might find a bit cumbersome.

Kojima recently also expressed an interest in returning to the drawing board for another Death Stranding installment. However, at the same time, he outlined a few requirements and wishes of his own that would be necessary for a sequel in what Kojima Productions has been touting to be a new genre.

Firstly, a sequel would have to start from scratch. Kojima would naturally be borrowing core elements from the original but a second game will have to offer something different in its own capacity. Secondly, Kojima is very interested in working with actor Norman Reedus again on another project. Hence, if a Death Stranding sequel happens, he would want the Walking Dead star to return as well.

In our review, we found that Kojima may have swerved off course in trying to integrate novelty features. However, Death Stranding still has other attractions that makes it a potential purchase for both old and new Kojima fans.

Death Stranding is now available on PlayStation 4. For those without the console, know that Kojima Productions will be releasing a PC version next summer. The developer hasn’t mentioned if there will be any PC-exclusive features but knowing how Kojima loves to break boundaries, the game will probably boast some additional features that will test your desktop machines to the maximum.

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