Death Stranding 2 Currently “In Negotiations,” Says Reedus

It was already given that director Hideo Kojima intended to carve Death Stranding into a genre-defining franchise. There hence should be no surprise that developer Kojima Productions is said to be finalizing details for a Death Stranding 2 sequel.

Speaking with AdoroCinema in a recent interview, actor Norman Reedus, who played protagonist Sam Porter Bridges, hinted that all parties involved are currently in talks for a Death Stranding 2 installment.

“I think we are doing a second Death Stranding,” said Reedus based on a rough translation. “[Death Stranding 2] is in negotiations right now. So… yay!”

Kojima previously stated that a sequel would only be possible if Reedus was involved. Hence, unless the translation was way off, it would reason why Reedus will be making deliveries once again in the sequel.

Death Stranding sold more than 5 million copies worldwide across PlayStation 4 and PC by July 2021. The game was able to recoup all development costs to turn a profit within six months of launch and according to Kojima at the time, had started funding a new project at Kojima Productions.

Within that vein, Kojima Productions has been reported to be working on something new for several months now but which may or may not be Death Stranding 2. A few months back; art director Yoji Shinkawa, a legend in his own right for his characters and work on the Metal Gear franchise, revealed that Kojima Productions will be announcing a new game in the near future.

Soon after, Kojima Productions was reported to be in talks with Microsoft about an Xbox exclusive game which could have been since then finalized. It would be unlikely for Death Stranding 2 to be console-exclusive to Xbox and hence, the possibility that the developer has been working on multiple projects, not just one.

Elsewhere, the recently announced Death Stranding Director’s Cut will be releasing for PlayStation 5 on September 24, 2021. A release for PC is yet to be determined.

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