Hideo Kojima Posts First Death Stranding 2 Recording Photos

One of the bigger reveals at the Game Awards last year was the revelation that Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima’s 2019 open-world game, would be getting a sequel. Now, Kojima has given us confirmation that the game has started recording through behind-the-scenes photos of the cast on his Twitter page.

While we don’t really know much (or anything, really) about what Death Stranding 2 is supposed to be about, that’s nothing new from Kojima, who had released various enigmatic teasers about the game years ahead of its release date. However, going by the Game Awards trailer, we can likely expect something similar yet different to the original game.

The trailer shows a woman raising a child, only to be forced to flee from a bunker by unknown enemies and then shot and apparently killed. We then see her in the company of Sam Bridges, the previous game’s protagonist, as they get ready to board an airship. The tagline at the end of the trailer is ominous, however, asking the viewer “Should We Have Connected?”

While this doesn’t give us that much story about Death Stranding 2, it’s at least somewhat more clear than the original game’s reveal trailer, which was Sam, on a beach, surrounded by dead ocean life and black, oily substances. And yet, at the same time, it still leaves viewers with questions.

Along with no real idea on story, we also have no real idea on a release date. While we don’t know how long Death Stranding 2 has been in production, especially since the last game came out in 2019, and then received a PC release in July of 2020, hopefully it won’t take as long for that game to come out, and hopefully, given the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, it will be better-received and its themes more considered.

Either way, we can likely expect it to come out exclusively on the Playstation 5, whenever it releases.

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