Death Stranding 2 Concept Art Explained As “Fragments” By Hideo Kojima

Back in June, Hideo Kojima posted a photo to Twitter that appeared to show off what looked like Death Stranding 2 concept art, specifically a car with the word “Bridges” emblazoned on the side. However, today Kojima said that while the art did exist, it doesn’t necessarily mean a sequel.

According to Kojima, he does a lot of concept art that are apparently more fragments of an idea than anything, which he does while he’s working on something else. He’ll often ask for opinions of other people as he’s working, as well, such as Yoji Shinkawa, who would often create drawings of his own based on Kojima’s ideas. The car was one of Shinkawa’s drawings.

While this doesn’t mean that a Death Stranding sequel is on the way at the moment, if Kojima believes that he could make one, the concept art may eventually be used for a sequel anyway. Kojima Productions has also begun work on a new game, though we don’t know the title yet.

If a Death Stranding 2 does get made after all, hopefully Kojima will take what was controversial or unpopular from the previous game and improve upon it. The original Death Stranding was controversial, as despite its long development time the game appeared to mainly be a walking simulator as players delivered packages to various people while advancing the game’s story.

Even if the game isn’t currently in the works however, Kojima has discussed the possibility of a sequel before. While a Death Stranding 2 might exist, that also doesn’t guarantee that a car would be part of it. Vehicles were a thing in the first game, but a car may be a bit out of Norman Reedus’s reach.

Exactly what the new Kojima Productions game is remains to be seen, but hopefully we won’t have to wait for it as long as we did Death Stranding.