How To Find And Solve Sea Shanty Easter Egg In Dead Space

The Sea Shanty is an audio log that is taken as a Dead Space easter egg. You have to find its location and also solve its puzzle.

Hidden in the horrors of USG Ishimura is an Easter Egg that provides a sense of entertainment upon finding. The Dead Space Remake boosts players’ experience by providing excellent visuals, but including these new items makes the game much more exciting and explorable.

There are several Easter Eggs added in the game that provides you with upgraded items and opens additional stories in Dead Space. The Sea Shanty Easter egg allows players to listen to something that one can only dream of hearing in the Dead Space haunted ship.

How to find the Sea Shanty easter egg

Complete Chapter 4: Obliteration Imminent

You must complete the Dead Space Chapter 4 before attempting to find Sea Shanty Easter Egg. The egg is located on the Bridge’s first floor, and it only becomes accessible at the conclusion of the 4th Chapter.

Head to the Break Room

You need to move to the Main Atrium. Make your way toward the bridge section and the elevators in the middle of the Atrium.  Head toward the first floor from the elevator and toward the break room.

Head inside, and you will find a giant red circle that contains foot and hand symbols. This is where you can find the much-needed audio log file.

How to solve the Sea Shanty easter egg

Stand inside the circle

Make your way toward the center point of the red circle. You must ensure you are facing the monitor that shows the marker. Remember, these markers are why the USG Ishimura suffers from the horror of Necromorphs.

The hand inside the circle translates into melee attacks, and the foot means stomp attacks. So we just need to perform these attacks in the right sequence to complete our task.

Attack in the correct sequence

The correct sequence of attacks performed inside the circle will unlock the Dead Space Sea Shanty Easter Egg. So follow the pattern given starting with the melee attack given below to get your reward.


You will hear a haunting sound, and the monitor colors will get dark as you acquire the Sea Shanty audio. The audio will become available for you, and you can hear the crew of Ishimrua singing the Sea Shanty in Dead Space.

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