Where To Find Peng Treasure In Dead Space

This guide will tell you where the Peng Treasure is located in Dead Space to unlock the “There’s Always Peng!" achievement.

The Peng Treasure is a unique collectible that you can find in the new Dead Space remake just as you could in the original game. However, returning players should know that its location has now been changed.

The Peng item is a woman-shaped trophy that is believed to be referencing some type of drug or adult entertainment service.

While the lore itself refrains from explaining more what Peng is (or does), the fact that there are several graffiti and posters marketing Peng in the USG Ishimura makes it adamant that it holds some importance for the crew.

You need to find the Peng Treasure to unlock the There’s Always Peng! achievement for a 100 percent completion. Take also note that the Peng Treasure has an impressive monetary value. You can sell it for 30,000 credits at a store kiosk to spend on power nodes, health packs, and ammunition.

These are the most amount of credits you can get for selling any item in the game. This is perhaps why there is only one Peng Treasure to find in your entire playthrough.

Peng Treasure’s new location in Dead Space Remake

You will be able to find the Peng Treasure in Chapter 11: Alternate Solutions just like in the original game. You will also have to use your telekinesis ability to get the item just like before. The only difference is that the Peng Treasure has been moved to a new location.

During the latter sections of Chapter 11, you will make your way into the cargo bay from the Hanger-Cargo-Tram control station through the tram station hall.

When you have reached the cargo bay, the objective “Reach the Cargo Bay” will be completed. In the cargo bay, get to the lower levels by using a lift which is on the right side in the cargo bay room. This will be part of the “Engage the Cargo Crane” objective. Head down the lift and you will end up in the same room as the Marker.

Exit the lift and turn around immediately to spot a pile of crates against a Peng poster. This is where you need to use your telekinesis ability to push or pull the crates to reveal a couple of lockers. Open the rightmost locker to loot the Peng Treasure.

The map below marks the exact location where you can find the Peng Treasure in the Dead Space remake.

In the original game, the Peng Treasure was located inside the hangar bay, at the bottom of two walkways. There was no way to go down below, so you needed to use your telekinesis ability to pull the Peng Treasure to you from above.

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