Dead Space Leviathan Boss Guide

Leviathan, the big tentacled boss you face at the end of Ch6 in Dead Space can be quite challenging. Let us help you defeat it.

The Leviathan is a gigantic necromorph boss you will encounter in Chapter #6 of Dead Space. This is not your average enemy, so knowing how to kill basic necromorphs is not going to help here.

The fight against the leviathan takes place in a Zero-G environment so it is a pretty exhilarating encounter and quite different from the original Dead Space game.

This Dead Space guide will cover the first main encounter with the Leviathan and help you defeat this tentacle using necromorph.

Where do you encounter the Leviathan

Once all eight Wheezers are neutralized, you will find this giant necromorph at the end of Ch# 6. In Chapter 6 when you enter the Food storage area in Hydroponics, you will encounter the leviathan.

In order to eject the leviathan out of the Ishimura, players have to use zero gravity and float in the air, but players should first use Kinesis to collect floating resources. These resources will help you during mid-fight, so players will not scramble.

Also, for some extra firepower against Leviathan, players should drag the room’s explosive container using Stasis and bring it to some accessible spot. 

Once players are already, they can float forward and wake the Leviathan boss. This is how the fight will initiate.

How to defeat Leviathan in Dead Space

Before you get into action, visit the store next to the Hydroponics Central Hub to collect valuable resources for the fight. You should also upgrade your weapons by visiting the Bench in the Maintenance Room of West Vats. These visits are crucial because your healing and firepower will improve, increasing your chances of bringing down Dead Space Leviathan.

You need consistent damage output, higher accuracy and enough ammunition during combat with this boss. Pulse Rifle and Plasma Cutters are the best weapons that cover all the requirements. Use these weapons to target the weak spots of Leviathan to make a quick end of the fight.

The fight will start as soon as players get close enough to Leviathan. The Leviathan will scream, and his tentacle will attack you. However, the scream before the attack will give you enough time to move back and dodge the attack. Players can therefore dodge this attack by clicking R3 at the end of his scream.

During the fight, you will see various cannon placements around the area. Make sure to use them to target the weak spots of the Leviathan and deal critical damage.

Phase 1 – destroy the tentacles

As soon as the fight starts, Leviathan’s tentacles will attack the player. Therefore the first and foremost thing players need to do is to destroy these tentacles. This can be done by damaging the glowing sacs on those tentacles.

The Leviathan has three tentacles. All of them have a sweep attack, so players can simply jump to shorter heights to dodge them. Players can damage those tentacles by shooting at their sacs. Long-range weapons, including Plasma Cutters, Contact Beam, are best for damaging tentacles.

Contact Beam is highly effective if you continue using it for a few seconds. All you have to do for this is hold the trigger a little longer.

Thus by aiming and shooting at these yellow sacks, players will get rid of those tentacles, and after doing this four times, they will finally get rid of them.

Phase 2 – damage the bomb pods

Once all the tentacles are retracted, the Leviathan will open its mouth and spit explosive pods toward you. Players can shoot these pods as he opens their mouth by using the Contact beam that will cause the leviathan to close its mouth. 

However, you need to take advantage of the exposed central mouth by attacking the sack every time Levithan releases a bomb pod toward you. You can deal substantial damage this way.

Players can also throw these explosive pods back toward the boss. This can be done by using Kinesis. Simply use kinesis on an explosive pod as it is coming towards you, and then send it back to the boss.

If you are finding it hard to throw the bombs back, then you can skip some and focus your firepower toward the sack. But it is recommended that you throw back the 1st, 3rd, and 5th bomb pods using kinesis, as it deals extra damage to Leviathan.

Phase 3 – focus the mouth in the center

In the final phase of the fight against the leviathan, players need to swap between the glowing sacs on the tentacles and the damage to the mouth when they finally feel that they will beat the Leviathan.

Here the “oxygen canister” or two you have collected before initiating the fight will help extend the time players have at their disposal.

Be wary of its tentacles or bomb pods as a single hit can kill you if you are in low health. Use all of your firepowers toward attacking the central mouth and stay on your feet to dodge any attack.

Finally defeating the Leviathan in Dead Space Remake will unlock the Exterminator achievement.

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