Dead Space Remake Reportedly Delayed To 2023

The upcoming Dead Space remake has apparently be delayed by several months and will no longer be targeting fall 2022 as previously reported.

According to a new report by VentureBeat earlier today, publisher Electronic Arts (EA) has decided to pushed Dead Space into early 2023 in order to give developer EA Motive Studios more time to work on the ambitious remake.

EA is said to be confirming the delay in the coming days where it will also reveal footage to showcase how the Dead Space remake is shaping up.

EA is playing it safe with Dead Space as the publisher wants the remake to be as polished as the Resident Evil 2 remake in terms of quality. Much like how Capcom banked on the success of its first remake, EA reportedly has similar plans. A successful Dead Space remake release could potentially greenlight the remakes of the remaining Dead Space games. The road of remakes may even open doors to a brand new sequel provided that EA sees a good enough traction.

EA Motive Studios previously confirmed that there will be no changes to the storyline. The developer is only focusing on enhancing the eerie atmosphere of the original 2008 Dead Space game. That includes massive improvements to the lighting systems to make the USG Ishimura considerably darker. That alongside improved character models and textures, presumably among a lot more improvements which remain to be revealed by the developer.

Dead Space remake remains in development for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and PC. There will be no previous-generation console versions because EA Motive Studios wants to make use of current-generation console features such as the lightning-fast solid-state drives to remove all loading times.

It has been a while since a new Dead Space game was released. Dead Space 3 was the last to arrive in 2013 and was criticized for steering the franchise away from its signature horror elements. The franchise was shelved soon afterwards with EA even shutting down Visceral Games in 2017, the developer behind the last two installments.

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