How To Solve Centrifuge Puzzle In Dead Space

You need to use your kinesis power to activate the Centrifuge and bring back gravity on the ship in Dead Space.

The new Dead Space remake has a few puzzles for you to complete aboard the USG Ishimura, one of which will require you to activate its gravity-producing modules by fixing the Centrifuge.

When you reach the third chapter, one of your tasks will be to make your way to the Engineering deck to correct the ship’s course. This will require you to restart the Centrigue by using your kinesis power to stop two magnetic-powered Clutch Generator Modules from rotating.

The puzzle can be a little tricky to solve, hence, the following guide will tell you how to activate the Centrifuge in Dead Space.

Dead Space Centrifuge puzzle solution

Before engaging in this mission you have to travel to the North Corridor to collect the Power Node. Once you have obtained it, you will need to hurry toward the circular hallway to find the Gravity centrifuge.

Since the centrifuge system is not working and the ship is headed for a collision course with the planet, you need to get it back on by restarting it. For that purpose, you need to solve the Centrifuge puzzle in Dead Space and activate it.

Use Stasis on the Spinning Generator(x2) 

The centrifuge is disengaged at the start of this mission in the third chapter, and you can see this message on the screen as well.

So now you need to find the two spinning generator modules. Since the Dead Space remake is a bit darker than the original, it can get a little challenging to spot these generator modules.

To begin with, the left generator module can be found below the entrance platform.

Make your way towards it and aim for the clutch generator. After that, you need to use Statis to temporarily slow down the spinning generator. 

After that slowly move it towards the centrifuge at the end to perform a successful connection of both these parts.

If you move it quickly it will not connect with the centrifuge so keep in mind that patience is the key here.

After connecting the left spinning generator you need to move towards the right side to connect the second generator to the module.

As you move to the right side, you can easily spot the other clutch generator.

Position yourself next to it and then use Kinesis to move this clutch generator as well.

Similar to the first clutch generator process you need to use stasis to slow down the spinning of the generator and move it slowly to the centrifuge.

Once you latch both ends of the spinning generator with the centrifuge, the clutch will be engaged. After that, you simply need to activate the console.

Restart the Centrifuge

The next step in activating the Centrifuge is to restart it. Head on to the Control Terminal platform and wait for the menu to appear. Grant the restart sequence and soon after that you will see the massive centrifuge spinning.

As soon as the centrifuge starts spinning, all the air out of the room will be sucked dry leaving you dependent on the Oxygen Supplies.

From this point onwards until the next save terminal of Chapter 3: Course Correction, there will be no oxygen environment. It is best to locate all the Oxygen Supplies in the room. The Oxygen Recharge is located on the back side of the Control Terminal.

How to move past the Centrifuge

Once you have completed the objective of attaching the generator and activating the centrifuge. After that, you need to take the elevator next. It will take you down and as you exit it you will have your head in the clockwise direction of the path to go and restart the engines.

You need to wait for the right moment as the centrifuge passes you and then make your way to the gaps. You need to be quick to get to the gaps because if you slow down, the centrifuge will hit you killing you instantly in Dead Space.

Deal with the Necromorphs

The rotating centrifuge isn’t the only hurdle you will come across as along the way you will meet the nasty Necromorphs as well. One of these will be in your path and surprisingly you can just dart around it instead of taking your time to kill it.

The second Necromorph will suddenly appear from above once you enter the gap that has the oxygen tank. Deal with the Necromorph and then replenish your oxygen supply  

Exit the Centrifuge area

The centrifuge will be activated after restarting and there is no other objective left other than heading to the Save Terminal to save the progress. If you fail to do so, the mission will start again from the beginning.

To get out, use the elevator to go down a level and go left. There will be a metal arm that will come crashing in front of you.

The metal arm will be revolving around a spiral and the only way forward is to go through that path. Get in the spiral pathway and run until you find a pocket to rest in. Before moving forward, wait for the Necromorph to appear and fight it.

Similarly, head towards the next pocket to dodge the metal arm. While resting in the pocket, you will find Oxygen Supply that you can use to recharge.

Get in the elevator located in the next pocket to get up to the entrance level. There will be a double door and once you are in it, the save terminal will appear. The oxygen levels will also get back to normal after that.

This will conclude the activation of the centrifuge puzzle in Dead Space.


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