How To Kill The Hunter In Dead Space

The Hunter is a genetically created Necromorph that has the ability to regenerate. You cannot kill this boss with weapons.

The Hunter is a Necromorph like any other in the new Dead Space remake except for one little detail. This creature can regenerate its limbs, so dismembering it is not going to help you in any way.

As such, the Hunter cannot be killed by your weapons alone. You are going to need to find other ways to deal with this boss in Dead Space.

How to defeat the Hunter boss

The Hunter shows up as a boss during multiple stages of the game. The fight is not as simple as attacking weak spots as other monsters in Dead Space.

The Hunter only comes out to confront you in two places: the Cryogenic Storage Chamber in Chapter 5 and later in the Executive shuttle room in Chapter 10. We will now see the ways you can defeat it during these stages in Dead Space Remake.

First encounter in Chapter 5

In Chapter 5, Lethal Devotion, the Hunter is stored in a Stasis tube in the Chemistry Lab section of the Medical Deck. The Hunter will be released onto Isaac Clarke when Challus Mercer, the creator of the Hunter, learns that Isaac is in the lab.

In this situation, you will have to stall the Hunter long enough until the door is opened and you can get out. It is better to avoid fighting the monster as it can only regenerate. However, you can slow it down allowing you to escape.

At the end of Chapter 5, when you reach the Cryogenic Storage Chamber, the Hunter will appear again. This time it will be accompanied by smaller enemies and you will have to defeat it by luring it into the Cryogenic chamber and freezing it.

Firstly, shoot off its legs to slow it down. This will make it crawl towards you and will take some time to regenerate those limbs. You can use this time to finish off all the smaller enemies to make the boss fight a bit easier. You can also use the Stasis module on the Hunter to stop it for a brief moment.

After you have lured it into the cryogenic chamber, use stasis on it to hold it in there. Then, run to the back of the chamber and activate the Cryogenesis using the control panel. This will freeze the Hunter and move it to the storage leaving behind a sample of its flesh. This will now open a side quest to investigate the Hunter and learn its origins.

Second encounter in Chapter 10

You will not encounter the Hunter again until you reach Chapter 10. In this chapter, when you activate the shuttle, the Hunter will jump down from the vent in the control room. Here, it will be accompanied by a lot of smaller enemies and Necromorphs which will make the fight a lot more difficult.

Now, when the fight starts, shoot its legs off to slow it down in the control room. This will buy you some time to kill most of the smaller enemies. Now lure the Hunter in front of the shuttle’s exhaust and use stasis to stop the Hunter in that place.

Dodge attacks from the rest of the smaller Necromorphs and run back toward the control room. In the control room, turn on the shuttle exhaust again but with the Hunter in front of it. The exhaust’s heat will burn and kill the Hunter on the spot.

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