Dead Space 4 to Have Multiplayer or Co-op If It Ever Happens

Glen Schofield, the creator of Dead Space says that he would love to make Dead Space 4. It will arrive with a multiplayer or co-op component, if it happens.

Glen Schofield, the creator of Dead Space says that he wants to work on Dead Space 4 next in the sci-fi survival-horror series. In a recent interview, Schofield was asked about a game that he would like to make a sequel for and his answer was none other than the sequel of Dead Space 3. He hopes to make it happen sometime in the future.

Schofield then went on to talk about the possibilities if it ever happens. He says that the sequel won’t necessarily follow the lore of Dead Space 2 and 3 in the trilogy as it’s very complicated. Moreover, the creator knows that the sequel will not be successful at the current time especially when EA and others are more interested in the games-as-a-service model. Because of that, Dead Space 4 would arrive with some kind of multiplayer or co-op to make the players stick for long.

This aforementioned multiplayer mode can turn out to be like Dead Space 2’s versus multiplayer mode. This mode allowed the players to take control of Necromorph creatures for the first time.

You might not like the creator’s idea but this all makes complete sense since we are getting to see less single player games each year. EA is more into making money through live service model than single player games.

Keeping the poor sales of Dead Space 3 in mind, this idea has to be followed in order to get approved by the publisher. Besides that, Scholfield revealed that whatever he makes next will be sci-fi and dark. That’s not it as this is just a summary of what he said. If you are interested to know further details, check out the full interview here by GameInformer.

With no confirmation yet, it’s very unlikely that there will be a Dead Space 4 announcement anytime soon. However, the game was reportedly in works at Visceral Games and they had some cool ideas in mind according to the creative director, Ben Wanat.

The notion was you were trying to survive day to day against infested ships, searching for a glimmer of life, scavenging supplies to keep your own little ship going, trying to find survivors. We would have finessed a lot of existing mechanics,” Wanat said. “The flotilla section in Dead Space 3 hinted at what non-linear gameplay could be, and I would have loved to go a lot deeper into that.

Unfortunately, it’s going to be nothing more than ideas as Visceral is now dead. It will be interesting to see the ideas of Schofield and Wanat being part of the sequel if it ever happens.

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