Dead Space 3 Infinite Resources Farming Exploits Guide

Resources are crucial to your survival in Dead Space 3. You need them to craft new weapons and upgrade your gear to boost your survival chances. You can either get these resources by purchasing the resource kit made available by the publisher, or you can farm these resources in the game.

If you choose to do the latter, there are few exploits you can use to farm these resources quickly. Visceral Games has deliberately left these exploits in game to facilitate the farming of resources so don’t worry about these getting patched by the developer.

Dead Space 3 Infinite Resources Farming Exploit

Bench Exploit
You can get infinite ammo by using the Weapon Crafting mode. Once you get to the first bench in the game, save and quit. Go into the Weapon Crafting mode from the menu, wait for it to load and then save and quit. Continue your game and you won’t have an ammo problem anymore.

Save Exploit
After defeating the boss at the end of Chapter 13, if you explore around you will find many boxes containing ammo and tungsten. The good thing about this area is that you can get all the resources, save and quit and the boxes will reset so you can get the resources again.

You can also do this in other area with an auto save and boxes. Some areas yield you far more resources than others.

Re-spawn Exploit
Near the end of chapter 8 you will come across a small shelter with an audio log and a random resource in the corner near the exit. The audio says “You’re listening to Aloha Station. Just a friendly reminder From HQ: Be sure to have your ration card stamped after every meal…”

The resource here re-spawns once you exit the door and it closes completely. Pick up the item, go out the door, wait for it to close completely and go in again to pick it up again.

Elevator Exploit
In chapter 11 there is an optional mission to explore the armory. Once the mission is completed you will find some reward resources nearby. After getting the resources the nearby elevator unlocks.

Take this elevator and the game will save the progress. Now restart from checkpoint and drop the collected resources on a bench. You can now take the elevator back to the armory room again. You can repeat this indefinitely.

If you come across any other exploit you can use to farm infinite resources in Dead Space 3, let us know by commenting below!

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