Dead Space 2 Walkthrough

Dead Space 2 is a survival horror game that takes place in 2511, three years after the events of Dead Space and Dead Space: Aftermath, on the Sprawl, a densely populated metropolis built on a shard of Titan, a moon of Saturn. This detailed Dead Space 2 walkthrough will be your key to the game.

The mental illness caused by the Marker appears to be permanent and continues to have an effect on the protagonist Isaac Clarke. The government will continue to have a place in the storyline. The game will begin in a hospital aboard the Sprawl. Players will witness the horror of the Necromorph infection as it begins in the station.

Table of Contents

Dead Space 2 Walkthrough Guide

The walkthrough is divided into different chapters of the game, you can jump to the specific chapter you need help with, and find the relative information.

Chapter 1

A typical start to a horror game. You need to start running right form the start. Your escape run will be associated with basic tutorial. So follow the on screen instructions to get use to the controls.

You can watch that video being played on screen in the “Observation Room”, if you want to know a little about the happenings right from the start. After you have learned the use of medikit, you will learn the use of Kinesis (sort of melee) as a weapon to nail the enemies.

Collect the Kinesis from the medical machine.You can manipulate objects using Kinesis. These objects (Rods) can be used and stored as spears. You can find more rods where a corpse is suspended. At the same place you will get a chance to nail two enemies (necromorphs) that will enter the area using the rods you collected.

Now, ammo in dead space 2 is going to be a crucial factor. You won’t get too much ammo at different places, so you need to learn the economize use of what you have. Take the lift to the top where you will face more enemies. You can deal with them by using remaining rods you have. If you are run out of rods or ammo, you need to search for it at various places.

You will have your primary weapon shortly i.e is the laser cutter. Test it on the necromorph blocking your way. Also take care of the rest and don’t forget to grab items from their bodies. You need to be careful in the dark areas as enemies can attack you from anywhere.

Next up is a conversation with Nolan. Follow the NPC, and look for the entrances from the ceiling and get yourself ready for your first real encounter. Usually cornering yourself is not a good option but in Dead Space 2, you can use it as an effective strategy. Anyhow, the need here is that you don’t get swarmed by the enemies.

After your fight is over, make sure to look around and collect any useful items, specially ammo. Next main thing is to hack the console. You need to touch the safe spots (blue) and if you touched the red spot then you will have to start over.

After hacking the console, use the stasis on the approaching enemy. What? you still died? no need to worry as this is inevitable. Once static, fire at enemy’s legs and arms as paralyzed enemies are of no real threat. Use the stasis station to freeze the door.Before moving on, don’t forget to refill your module meter at the station.

A couple of more enemies waiting ahead. You will learn about the blow-out windows. Refill your ammo at the safe station as you will be dealing with the boss shortly. You need to defeat that horrible creature.

You need the creature frozen for the most part and then use the laser on it. You can refill your stasis regularly from the stasis stations around. You will also find plenty of crates around for ammo and health making things easy for you.

You need to shoot it at it’s back (the glowing parts on the limb). Once it’s down, you can finish it off with one final blow using Kinesis.

Chapter 2

After leaving the workshop, you will be in action in no time. Beware of the creatures that attack your face suddenly. Flash light can aid in observing the surroundings well. Use stasis against the jumping necromorph that will attack you at the balcony. Freeze it and then get rid of it.

You will hear different voices that can act as a diversion and even lead you to more trouble. It is recommended that you avoid those voices and follow your primary path. But again, if you want the collectibles, you will have to wander around. A necromorph will appear from a door to your left. You can take off the limbs to use the stasis.

In woman’s mother case, you can gather some valuable points. The Puker will emerge from the bathroom. More necromorphs will emerge as enter the bathroom. In the next section, you will be ambushed by enemies coming from the vents in the ceiling. Glass partitions can be used as obstacles against the swarming enemies as they don’t have the ability to get through them.

Throughout the game, you will find that many useful items at various places are coupled with enemy spawns. Which means that if you collect them physically then you will trigger those spawns. Alternatively, you can use Kinesis to pull the objects from distance towards you.

The shortcoming of this technique is that you can grab only one item for 1 complete Kinesis gauge. The good thing is that Kinesis gauge gets recharged after a short time. So you need to plan things accordingly.

Next, another necromorph will appear. Blast the sucker while it is stasis’ed. More enemies up ahead in the tram station conveyor area. By now. you most probably will be used to these small ambushes presenting no real problems.

On the other side of the conveyor belt, you will confront some exploding enemies. Target the glowing portion on each enemy to get rid of them. Infectors can turn the corpses into some black necromorphs that can be troublesome.

So, it is better that you pull the corpses to you and then grab the items. Kill the infector that appears after the door opens.Then there is an elite slasher to deal with. You don’t want to stay in the station area for too long as more slashers can appear.

After hacking the tram’s control panel, head to train’s entrance. Inside the train there will waves of enemies attacking you. But they won’t be difficult to deal with. You can also avoid them if you wan’t to save the ammo for the upcoming boss.

After the free fall (where you should avoid the debris as they will hurt) head down and a boss fight awaits. This time it’s not a single creature rather but multiple creatures swarming around your from all directions.

You need to keep moving and the best strategy here is that freeze one group of enemies and deal with the other. If you are too short on ammo then it is better that you restart as there aren’t any objects you can use through Kinesis. You also need to beware of the Tormentor that will appear during the fight. Target the glowing spot to bring it to the ground.

Chapter 3

Like always, make sure that you refill your ammo and health because you need them everytime in Dead Space. After the safe station, your first encounter will give you glimpse of the “The Pack” (supposedly the necromorph children). You will face these kids shortly.

On confrontation with these kids, you should avoid the direct battle and looks for some tactical place to shoot them. Once you have dealt with them, visit the store and head to shopping area. The silence there is an indication that trouble is not far.

Before you face any enemies. Search the place for useful items. You can have a semiconductor over the railings. You might have to use your plasma gun to get it.

Hack the lift that will take your to the resource center. Some enemies in the hallway.You can blow out the first wave through the window. For the second wave, you can shock them first and then get rid of them. Explore the offices where you will have to confront a couple of more enemies. Not a big deal. Right?

Next, when you get to the waste management chamber, you will be taught how to grab hand of a dead necromorph using Kinesis and then use it as a weapon. Deactivate the computer at the booth to get to the next section.

More enemies in the room. The strategy here is very simple that is bring them to the ground by shooting at their limbs. You can also catch the Puker’s spit (if you are sharp enough) using Kinesis. Grab all the useful items in the G-zero room and use the tunnel beside garbage intake (you will have to open it) to move on.

For the fee fall, you can use the sprint to get past the garbage and garbage chunks won’t damage you this time. Before you fix the battery issue, you will attacked by slashers. You need to get rid of them before you can examine the battery.

Once the battery is put back to it’s place, lights will be back. Get the lift. At the top of the lift, more enemies will be ready to attack. You can use the Javelin’s spear against them (that is if you have it).

When enemy ship shines. more nacromorphs will attack you. You also need to gather ammo as you are approaching the final stages of the chapter. In a short time you will find that various forms of enemies have gathered at the plaza outside the church.

Here you need to run, turn sometimes and shoot your enemies. After your battle is over (don’t forget to gather items in the area). Pass some doors and you will be on your way to finish the level.

Chapter 4

Your first task will be locate the gift shop in the Church where you will be able to safe your progress multiple times. You can also upgrade your weapons and gather items there.

On the other side of facility, you will find some enemies (activated by the infectors) running towards you at the stairs. Head down to the floor and use the elevator to exit. You can destroy the fuse (the door will open leading back to the church lobby) to reach the gift shop and save your progress plus refill your ammo.

Next you will find yourself in the brain washing center. Here you need to unlock a door puzzle. Take the circuit module to the circuit panel beside the door and insert it to unlock the door across the room. You might have noticed that there is a big blow-out windows in the vicinity.

It’s an indication of enemy appearance which will be in the form two elite slashers. Use your resources i.e line gun and the Javeline gun to deal with them. There will some more necromorphs after stepping outside the door. Halt the door (using stasis) and the save the game in the security office.

Collect all the items in the area. After the tunnel, you will confront a “a quick time event” (QTE). You need to win it to survive or you can retry. Break the fuse again to get back to the gift shop.

In the stalkers area, you may want to gather some rods which you can use as spears as the backup ammo. Once the door is destroyed, move to the center of the room . Soon, stalkers will evade. You can use your gun or alternatively stake them if necessary. Head upstairs and break the fuse and pay your final visit to the gift shop.

Use the lift to the morgue. After dealing with the two slashers and parasites appearing from the coffin, you are done with this chapter.

Chapter 5

You won’t find any resistance in first few rooms of the morgue. Since there won’t be any enemies bothering you, you can search for useful items specially in the boxes along the walls.

You will face enemies soon. First one is the Puker. Next will be a group of enemies. Like always, if you are being overpowered, you can freeze some while you can take care of the rest. Your next main task is to nullify the effect of the gravity by hacking the generator. Use the lift to get to the generator.

In order to nullify artificial gravity, you need to halt the generator using stasis. Then pull down the rods (that are in pairs) using Kinesis. While the generator is at rest ((not moving), use the stations to refill. After generator’s lock down, there will be no gravity effect.

Now halt the fan up there, and move across it to reach the upper level. Now you need to reactivate the gravity. Before you do that, make sure that you move all the items (that will fall down once the gravity is turned back on) to the side form the center.

Next, before you enter the hatch, make sure that you refill your ammo , save the game and gather some health. You will be attacked by a stalker and some other creatures. They are there just to warm you as the real battle is eminent. Your plasma cutter will be of great use.

After being seized by the tormentor, you need to fire at the glowing point to get free. Do it before it is too late. Then starts the long period of ruthless killing. You need use all your resources wisely. Halt enemies when needed and your melee skills will be tested multiple times. After taking care of the enemy creatures, you can move on through the central door.

Your trial is not over yet as there will be another slasher to defeat. Deal with it and head to the elevator. It’s not over yet as you will be attacked slasher. So sharpen your senses before you enter the lift.

Next up is a hectic boss fight. Don’t forget to shoot the limbs of the tormentor after being grabbed by it. Your shooting skills are going to be tested here. Be focused and after you have destroyed the main appendage, you will be thrown away.

Now, you need to grab the door behind you (won’t be an easy task) and move to the window. Next, you will be sucked out of the station.Start shooting the red fuel tanks of the ship. This will be your final action in this chapter.

Chapter 6

There is no enemy confrontation in the beginning. Use the lift to move up. You will face some necromorphs who will be carrying parasites with them looking as if they are pregnant with them. First paralyze the necromorphs and then you need to deal with the emerging parasites before the overrun you.

On your way to the store, you may face more enemies. The stationary protective structures of the mobile necromorphs are easy to destroy. Next up is a zero-G hallway on fire. You need to disable 3 generators. 2 of them are on the ground while the third one is in air.

Take out the batteries of all the generators, and once the fire is out, put one battery back into the slot so that you are not out of the air while dealing with enemies.

You will need one of the remaining batteries in the next section. So take it with you and place it in the slot beside the elevator. Door will open, get rid of the creature and move to the next level. Save the game as things are going to be rougher. You can use the detonator mines (if you have the detonator) to ambush stalkers.

One way or another, after you have dealt with the stalkers, hack the panel and you will be on your way to the same shopping place you visited earlier in chapter 3. You will find a survivor in there. Before you follow the female after the dialogue, you should search the place for any useful items.

On your way to the school, the concourse’s annex is filled with cysts which you can use against enemies. After the encounter, save the game at station and move on. At nurse’s station and onwards are few encounters either with slashers or small necromorphs.

You will also have to hack a couple of consoles along the way. One good thing about the detonator is that unused mines can be collected for future use.

Leave the school through the lift and make sure that your stasis gauge is full as you will need it in the near future. The creature that will appear in the middle of the place that is in between the transport hub and the sculpture.

You can freeze it from behind and then shoot the glowing parts of the arm. If you are fast enough to kill this creature, you won’t have to bother with other necromorphs.

Next fight is more difficult as one hit can knock you out. You need to keep a safe distance from it’s tentacles. You can use mines to cause maximum damage. If you are relying guns like the line gun then make sure that you have plenty of ammo in your bag. Move down using the elevator as the last move of the chapter.

Chapter 7

You will be greeted by a slasher and a puker as you leave the lift ride from the hub. Before you can upgrade, get rid of the two necromorphs. Next, you will a corpse that on disturbance will eject parasites from inside. Line gun mine can cause a collective damage to them. Deal with the leaper that comes after you have solved the maintenance pod puzzle.

In the zero-G area, shoot the rockets attached with the objects to make them move. You can explore the area for ammo and other useful items. Shoot the booster rockets attached to the elevator.

A leaper will attack you after you enter the pod. Pod ride is going to be rough. You will be attacked by necromorph tripods. You need to be sharp here as they won’t give you time to be sluggish.

Use the store and workbench to save and upgrade. In order to unlock the door, you need to drag watchman’s corpse (that is in the bed room) to the security scanner. You can use the corpse to detonate the laser mines. There will be few more enemies in the second hallways (easy kills).

You will find a low-out window in the room. There is also a workbench on the upper level. First up is a slasher crawling towards you. A leaper and exploding kids will attack next. Kill them yourself or let the laser-mines do the work.

Another console to hack. Once the lift is operational, you will have to kick some more asses before you can use it. After leaving the lift, you will be attacked by a leaper and an exploding creature. Move the solar panel using Kinesis to lower the bridge so that you can get to the save station.

If you are heading towards the lockers near the save station, beware of the sudden appearance of the necromorph exploder. Across the workbench, you need to restore the air supply. Before you can hack the console, you need to take care of a stalker and a puker. Be quick as you can’t afford to waste too much time.

Next you need to plug in circuits (till they are green) in two rooms. You need to be on your toes as parasites in one of the rooms can stun you. Elite slasher will attack you in the second room.

You can find the secret room while fixing the circuits and collect Peng treasure and health along with other items. The secret room can be found after the circuits become blue. A movable switch will appear that will reveal the entrance to that room.

After inserting the circuits in both the rooms, remove the final mainframe defenses and head back. On your way out, you will be attacked by some necromorphs. As you start destroying core computers, enemies will keep on emerging.

The destruction of the mainframe is followed by a long battle which will feature variety of enemies. Stasis is important is such situations. As you move further, you will reach a node-locked door above that watchman’s room. Before you can enter it, you will have to face Lurkers along with some other foes.

Hack the lock and now you need to fix the solar array. At the exit and entrance of the array, you can easily be lurked into the Lobber mines. Let the arms of the lobber to come out of the wall. Then you can use stasis to freeze and hit to inflict damage.

After the death of Lobber, explore the are for useful items. You need to align two solar panels in the next section. You can use the guideline to locate. Get ready for another free fall (like in chapter 2). The objects during the ride on strike can kill you. So you need to move left and right (adjusting your position) to avoid any hit.

Next up is a battle with a number of necromorphs till that CEC door opens up. Once the door is opened for you, enter to complete the chapter.

Chapter 8

You first confrontation will be a infector. You can enter the supply to limit enemy radius of attacks as necromorphs then only will be able to land form the vents.

In the next section, you will see some fictious images but there is nothing to be afraid of. Before that, a slasher and parasite container will attack you in the hallway. Here you need to be careful about the splashes as they can damage your health on being hit.

Don’t forget that there was a save room at beginning, you can always go back to save your progress before entering the next section. After passing through a couple of rooms, you will discuss your strategy with NPCs.

Workbench will be crowded by enemies. Use the defensive approach by placing some mines near the vents. Choose the weapon of your choice (Detonator is recommended). You can attach the thrusters to the door using stasis (that is possible if you have powered up the contact’s beam.) You then need to release the Kinesis and fire.

Next, you need to be careful about the moving machinery. You can either sprint pass through the moving structures or you can use stasis. Deal with the lurkers who will keep on attacking along the way.

To move away that door, use booster power. Seeker rifle can be of a great use here against the lobber. Otherwise, you will have a hard time against it.After that, you will enter the same room where you met two guys, earlier in this chapter. Kill the enemy in there and you are ready to close this chapter. But before you leave, the area can be explored for some useful items.

Chapter 9

Head to the elevator. But before you can enter it, you will be attacked by a Slasher and and few other creatures. So you better get ready for this. At the top of the elevator, you will have to deal with the exploding baby creatures.

After dealing with the baby creatures, you can return to the Conduit room and gather some collectibles. In the next control room, you need to take care of some lurkers along with a Puker. You can also visit the store if you feel like upgrading.

Next is a giant necromorph creature. It’s limbs when split into small creatures should squashed before they can overrun you. In the next section, a slasher will drop form the ceiling. Use the stasis, get behind it and then break the glass so that you can seal the glass again quickly.

After you are in the elevator, at the top, you will face a slasher along with some other creatures (including that baby carrier) before you can enter the control room having the save point and the store.

In order to repair the console, you need to put the parts found in the columns behind the console to the central column. Once they all are activated, you can move on. Tram activation will be accompanied by a couple of necromorphs. Deal with them and then head down to pick Ellie and Stross.

Head to the cargo room. Beware if the cysts, you need to shoot them from distance. You can always gather items from the crates around you. Next part is can bring trouble as you are going to face stalkers in here. You need to stay put as they can attack from any direction plus they have several spots to hide.

You stasis wisely to make your attacks count. And don’t forget to collect anything useful items (stasis is vital) as there will be many of them and you can expect a pretty long encounter in this area. Now for that wall creature, you can use stasis to limit it’s production and then use the explosive container to destroy it.

Another elevator ride, followed by a cyst and a slasher ambush. Should not present any difficulties. Refill your ammo and at the store and save your progress. In the next section, you can use the objects (there are many of them) using Kinesis and throw them at the pods.

Next up is a series of tormentors attack. They won’t stop appearing till you have destroyed the pod. You will have to hit that pod at least 6 times (with the canisters) before it is destroyed. Once it’s destroyed, you can move to the elevator and leave the area. Here your ammo is vital as you can easily run out of it. So make sure that you collect any ammo you find in this area. That’s it for the chapter.

Chapter 10

You won’t face any enemies till past the flight lounge. Collect any useful items from the tram. Like always, make sure that your stasis energy is in good shape. You will confront 2 large creatures along with many small ones. Stasis can help you dealing with them.

Getting lost in the chapter will result into confrontation with more enemies. So you need to keep your track or you will pay some extra. Before you confront the second big creature, lay mines to cover your back. Here you can either slip pass the enemies and hack the elevator or you can confront them and then gather the loot. Choice is yours, which also depends on the difficulty level you are playing.

There is a store and the save point in the decontamination room. Next up is a fight with a mixed army of slashers, pukers, exploders and carriers. There is a high probability that you will run out of ammo soon. Use power nodes (that is if you have them) to refill your arms. More exploders and slashers will attack, deal with them and then head to the centrifuge.

After you are done with the centrifuge puzzle, you will disable zero-G. Now you need to locate some missing parts of ceter tower. Don’t throw the missing parts, instead place them manually. Once all the parts have been placed, lights will turn green. Be sure to check your ammo as after activating the centrifuge gravity, a tough encounter awaits.

Necromorphs (tons of them) are the trouble maker this time. Vents from the ceiling can give you an idea of their spawn. They can also pop up from the side walls. So place the mines wisely. Line gun and the ripper are the recommended weapons here. Once you have dealt with them, move towards the tram to get to the medical lab.

Before you can enter the tram, you need to deal with an elite slasher.
In MedLab, you will confront a gathering of necromorphs in the first hallway. You need to hack that door ahead. You will face exploders and pukers before you can start hacking the door. Once the door is hacked, you will face another wave of enemies.

No enemies for some time now. Your next confrontation is when you go down the lift. Look out for the vents which always act as the spawn points for the enemies. You can move the lift down and after activating the spawn, move back up. This will keep enemies away a bit meanwhile you get rid of them. You need to pay attention to leapers (will appear from the vents) as they can surprise you the most.

Next up is a store room and the save point along with the work bench. So save your progress, refill and upgrade if you want. It is recommended that you carry some mines along with you form here. You can use the plasma cutter to deal with the lurkers in the zero-G tunnel.

You will confront more enemies at the bridge. You can refill your life at the next bench provided that you have spare 5000 credit points. Enter the work bench twice (to repair nods). Second time, your life will be recovered. After the dialogue, move to the escape pod. Nothing special now as you move on to complete the chapter.

Chapter 11

Your first confrontation in this chapter will be with babies, stalkers and slashers. If you are having trouble facing them on the upper level, you can move down and use the dead end rooms as safe spot.

Hack the door into the tunnel. Watch out for the cysts in the areas. If you wan to save your ammo, you can use their seeds. Move to the save/store room (remember it as you might have t return here later). This room is dark and full of enemies.

Your objective here is to locate dead battery and the extra battery dispenser. You can find the batteries a blue harmless dispenser on the lower floor. You can find the other spent battery in the red light area.

Before you can move to the next area, you need to deal with some lurkers. Next, you will be sucked out into space and then you also need to deal with a lobber before you can get back in. You can use some cover here against the lobber. Your goal here is to push lasers aside using boosters. The beams can block the mines and you can hit lobber’s weak spots by popping up slightly.

You can explore the area for boosters. There are sufficient air stations to meet the air supply. In order to move the laser, attach the booster with it and then shoot it. You should stay away from the path of the laser. There are cysts in the air-lock tunnel but they won’t cause any trouble.

You will find yourself in the control booth once you are back in the mines. Take the lift to upper level where a tough battle is waiting for you against pukers, lurkers, slashers and exploders. You can use mines and exploding canisters in the area to facilitate your fight. Open the node-locked door to get the required suit for the future. You will enter into QTE (quick time event) where if you fail, you will die.

You can save the game at the save point you found at the beginning of the chapter. After QTE, necromorphs are ready to bother you. Head for the lift now and prepare yourself for another battle. After the tough elevator ride, explore the area for the new suite. After that, there is another QTE. The save point and the workbench ahead is indication of completion of the chapter.

Chapter 12

Meet Langsford near the machine. There are some cysts in the area you need to take care of. You explore the area for other items. Also pick up the battery near the cave. Use that mine lift there to locate a circuit board. You will face elite slasher this time. Find the board and head back. On your way back, you will be greeted by a puker.

Now you need to insert the circuit board and the battery you got earlier in the drilling machine. While the machine turns around so you can enter it, you will be entertained be all sorts of enemies crowding around you. You can use the save point to save your progress. This room can also provide you good cover.
After Langsford has started the machine, wait for the elevator to be lowered and then you can run for the driller.

Once inside, you need to look for the pilot’s cabin. You will have to deal with the necromorphs while in the mine tunnel. You can always use those red canisters against enemies. End of the ride is the end of the chapter.

Chapter 13

You can gather some items in the cabinets on other side of large room (upper hallway). Now move to meet Langsford. After a small chit chat, get yourself ready for tough times. For your next fight, you can use every available resource you have. Don’t forget to throw those canisters at enemies. Rapid firing guns will help a lot along with stasis.

After dealing with multiple waves of enemies, hack that big door to proceed. Next, you will be attacked by the security forces (why is that? You will get to know). Head for the control room through janitor’s closet. You continuously will be interrupted by enemies for some time at least. By now, it should be a regular exercise for you.

Use the security RIG to open the locked door (as done in chapter 7). Use Kinesis to pull the corpse to the scanner. There is a safe point before you enter the lab. Save the game here as more trouble waits inside. All sorts of enemies will attack again but this time it will take longer time to knock them out. You need to keep moving so that they don’t overrun you.

You can use the same 5000 credit exploit to refill the health. It may trigger the parasite attack so be prepared for that too. Stalkers will have different level due to the fact the floor is sticky which will slow down all movements. You can use the detonator to make things better for you.

Another save room after you are out of the room infested with stalkers. Laser centrifuge next is lethal. Use stasis on the emitter tip so that you can get to the other rooms. You will face enemies in each room you enter. Just beware of the enemies that spawn near you like exploders can cause damage.

Lower the bridge above the laser centrifuge and cross the spinning chamber. Across the centrifuge is a save point in a large room. More enemies In the next couple of rooms. Fight in these rooms isn’t going to be easy. Use stasis wisely and don’t forget to fill it as you are going to face a boss creature shortly. Use the stasis against the mini boss and then shoot the glowing spots at the arms of the beast.

Now before you can begin the next chapter in that room, you should re-fill your ammo and health. Next chapter will start while your eye being inspected in the machine.

Chapter 14

You start off with a console hack in which if you fail, you will have to go through all the stages again. Hold that regenerating necromorph in front of the console to proceed to the hack. Look for the blue spots and remember that no mistakes are allowed.

The locked door in the next section can be opened using the corpse’s security RIG (just like before). So hold it in front of the panel to open the door. Room is infested by necromorphs. You can use Contact Beam along with stasis.

In maintenance hall, the regenerating necromorph (will cause trouble throughout) will make things difficult. Hinder its movement by shooting the limbs and then sprint to the elevator. You will get a breather from the regenerating necromorph once you are in the area where you will deactivate the gravity. Before moving on, make sure that your stasis if full.

You will confront a lobber (the only enemy) in the hall. Other hindrances include the moving walls and the plasma streams which are easy to dodge. You can get past the lobber and activate the gravity first to conserve ammo. Upgrade save and refill before you enter the final chapter of the game. You should carry Plasma cutter which can prove handy for the upcoming boss.

Chapter 15

Now after the upgrade and ammo refill, you will face a series of enemies before your reach the marker. Stay alert as surprise enemy attacks will be abundant. Conserve the plasma cutter ammo for the boss. Look for the elevator that will lead you to the upper portion. Here all enemies except for the re-generator will leave you. Save the game before entering the battle.

There are a couple of quick time events before the final encounter. You don’t need to worry about the necromorphs shade much. Just look out for the human shade. Disrupt the shadow to make the boss vulnerable. You need to shoot the glowing spot as fast as you can.

You also need to keep an eye on other enemy shades. After some struggle, you will be able to take down the boss. But the game isn’t finished yet as a QTE and a free-fall follows its death.

Yes, after this the game is finished and you can take some long calm breaths. If you want to play it again then make sure that you save the game after the ending so that your inventory and other items are conserved for the second go.

If you are more into visuals, refer to our Dead Space 2 Walkthrough Video Guide.

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