Dead Space 2 Peng Treasure Location Guide

Finding the Peng Treasure in Dead Space 2 will unlock ‘Collect Peng’ achievement/trophy. Peng Treasure is located in Chapter 7. Below we have summed up a guide for you that will help you to collect the Peng treasure.

Dead Space 2 Peng Treasure Location

To get this Dead Space 2 treasure, start off from the server room and continue down a vent by crawling. You are going to enter a room where you need to rearrange a battery. Remove the doors from all the batteries and then take out the power nodes from the right and middle container.

Put the power nodes inside the left container. If you put the power nodes correctly, the blue light is going to show up. If it doesn’t show up then you have placed the power nodes in the wrong place. Take it out and attach it to the right box.

A panel is going to show up once you are done. Press the button and start crawling through the vent again. Once you get out of the vent, you will be standing in the room with the Peng Treasure.

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