Dead Rising 4 PP Farming Guide – How to Level Up Fast, Quick PP Farming Tips

Dead Rising 4 PP Farming Guide to help you quickly farm PP in the game and level up fast with your fast levelling tips.

Similar to previous games in the franchise, players level up in Dead Rising 4 by earning PP through various activities they perform in the game.

The more PP they earn, the faster they will level up and be able to unlock skills from the four categories available in the game.

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Dead Rising 4 PP Farming Guide

In our Dead Rising 4 PP Farming Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about effective PP Farming in the game.

Dead Rising 4 PP Farming Tips

Getting to level 100, which is the level cap in Dead Rising 4 is no easy task and requires a lot of PP farming which is exactly where this guides comes in and will help streamline the process for players with useful tips on the fastest way to earn PP and level up.

While players can pretty much attack any big horde of zombies to earn a lot of PP really quick, perhaps the best play to earn that experience is in the actual Willamette city. The streets are littered with zombies bunched together so any weapon that deals a lot of AoE damage can get the job done here.

Perhaps the fastest way to kill zombies in the city is to grab a vehicle and start driving it through the streets of the city and mowing down large zombie groups. Not only do they die instantly when run over, the PP earned this way through multiple kills is pretty huge.

While playing through the game, players will also occasionally receive side quests which reward Frank with a decent amount of PP upon completing.

Similarly, Frank’s camera can also be used to earn some quick PP if players take the right picture. To increase the payout from every picture, players need to ensure they capture a lot of zombies attacking someone in their camera frame.

Moving through the Willamette city, players will randomly encounter other humans being attacked or chased by zombies. That is the perfect moment to use the camera and earn PP followed by protecting that human for even more experience.

Of course simply doing the main story quests also rewards with just the right amount of PP to keep the players levelled up enough to progress through the game without major issues but it doesn’t hurt to earn some extra and overpower the zombies with all sort of amazing weapons and tricks unlocked through the skill trees.

This is all we have on our Dead Rising 4 PP Farming Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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