Dead Rising 4 Emergency Shelters Guide – How to Level Up, Populating Tips

How do Emergency Shelters work in Dead Rising 4? How can you use them?

Dead Rising 4 Emergency Shelters Guide to help you level up Emergency Shelters which act as a safe house in the game.

Emergency Shelters in Dead Rising 4 act as safe houses like the name suggests. Each shelter is pretty much the same in design and acts as a base of operations with vendors inside it selling various items including blueprints.

Dead Rising 4 Emergency Shelters Guide

Every shelter in Dead Rising 4 can be upgraded up to level 5 and to do that, players need to send survivors they find in the world to those shelters.

Before survivors can populate the shelter, the area needs to be cleared of zombies however unlike previous games, one a survivor has been rescued, they don’t need to be escorted to a Shelter and can make their own way safely. A Shelter levels up once 2-3 survivors have made their way to it and populated the area.

To level up a Shelter, such as North Peak Emergency Shelter, up to level 5, players need to rescue more than 10 survivors in the surrounding part of the map. These survivors are scattered all around the map, standing high on kiosks to avoid danger, surrounded by zombies or even locked up in Obscuris crates.

The previously mentioned shelter, North Peak Emergency Shelter, is best upgraded once players reach Case 5 in the main story as before that, survivors are rare in the North Peak area. The best way to find those random survivors is to start the shelter and start driving towards West Ridge.


If players follow the road to North Peak Fire Hall and the Peak Motel, they will stumble upon a survivor in a nearby Obscuris shipping container. However, it should be noted that not every viable place always spawns a survivor and could just reward players with something else.

Another potential spawn point for survivors is the Peaks Motel balcony, above the drive-through section. These survivor events aren’t easy to miss as a notification pops up whenever a player is near such an event.

However, to ensure that the survivor doesn’t die, players need to act fast and rescue them from whatever trouble they are in.

Whenever a shelter levels up, the vendors inside it also upgrade their wares so it is a good idea to constantly check back to see new items on sale.

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