Dead Rising 3 Trailer Shows off Crafting Skills

We have known previously that the upcoming installment in the zombie apocalypse based series; Dead Rising 3 was taking crafting skills up another notch, now we know how.

Thanks to the pure class of a trailer by Capcom we have been introduced to the Sledge Saw and a self built vehicle. The developers shared what could be regarded as the best trailer the game has seen so far only recently and it gives us a lot to talk about.

Starting from the as-good-as-it-gets graphics to the aura of fear that a zombie horde can create to the creativity skills of the new protagonist Nick Ramos; this 4 minute teaser has a lot to show off.

Apart from the crazy mash up of hack and slash, survival, zombie apocalypse and sandbox Dead Rising three also boasts of moving away from the previously cartoony video game.

The trailer advocates all that with Nick driving through a zombie baby carriage –apparently.

We get a feel of hoe a sledge hammer and a saw is turned into a Sledge Saw when Nick’s “new best friend” Annie runs out of ammo (with a mad zombie horde on their heels).

Not to forget there are other weapons that Nick can craft from items he could pick up amidst all the action.

The best part comes later when we see a Harley Davidson-looking bike turn into a massive destruction vehicle with a road roller fixed ahead of it. This literally lets then tear through hundreds of flesh hungry zombie who get plastered to the ground on Nick’s way out –now that is graphic!

Apart from the zombie baby carriage that gets run over at the beginning of the trailer we get to face a gun wielding zombie too –hop in for diversification. Looks like despite the saturation of zombie based games in the market Capcom is all hands in on making this one work.

Look out for the Xbox exclusive game in November 2013.

“Welcome to the after party!”

Thanks IGN.

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