Dead Rising 3 Side Missions Guide

Dead Rising 3 features a vast variety of side-activities to complete. Throughout the main storyline, the game will throw various side-missions; some of them being necessary while some of them being optional.

You will often receive a call on your phone, answering to which will activate the side-mission and provide you with a location on your mini map.

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Dead Rising 3 Side Missions

Most of these side-mission include fetching items, taking out zombies, escorting, killing psychopaths, etc. Below, you will find a complete list of these side-missions and how to complete them.

Signs of Safety
The first thing you need to do is to investigate the motel. Come out of house and just as you are passing Bob ‘n Gym, make sure to take out the hordes of zombies outside. Once you are outside the motel, you will see a truck standing outside. Climb on to this truck and find your way in.

Once inside, go and talk to Anna. She will ask you to get more spray paints so that she could finish her work. Go outside and collect spray paints from marked locations. Once you have collected three, head back inside the motel and finish the mission.

Garden of Peace
This is a psychopath side mission which requires you to take out Zhi in Garden of Peace. Check out our Psychopaths Guide for more information on each of these seven psychopaths.

Craven Consultant
This mission simply requires you to give a Chainsaw to Ravi. I would recommend getting a car to Ravi’s location. However, when you get nearer, get out of the car and travel on foot.

Once you meet Ravi, he will ask you for a Chainsaw. Get a Chainsaw and give it to him; you will be awarded with Mini Chainsaw and mission will end.

In the Cards
This mission starts as soon as you have completed the Craven Consultant mission. After Ravi joins you, you need to get to the rooftop of the Gun Store. However, you will face a lot of resistance at the entrance of the store room.

Take out the zombies at the entrance and proceed to the entrance of the roof where you will face some more resistance. After you have cleared the area, go and talk to Simon who will ask of you of five Tarot Cards. Go to the marked location on your map and return with five cards to complete the mission.

Darker Gods
This mission involves Christine so you will have to meet her. But in order to reach to her, you will have to travel through sewers which will be swarming with undead zombies. Take out the undead by any means necessary and go talk to Christine.

Once you talk to Christine, she will tell you that in order to perform a certain ritual, she needs five Sigil Extinguished. You will have to kill a zombie each time before gathering a Sigil; which can be found around the graveyard.

After you have collected them all, get them back to Christine where you will have to choose between two options. If you intend on watching the Christine, do the spell; she will kill herself and you will have to get out in one piece.

Love Thy Neighbor
This is a short and simple mission which requires you to get to the designated location. Once you reach the designated location, go and talk to Elka. She will ask of a favor from you which will involve killing a guy. Kill the guy and return to Elka to finish the mission.

Time For a Hero
This will require you to investigate the construction yard. Get to the designated location of your mini map and take out any zombies along the way. After you get to the location, speak to Kelly and you will be required to kill five undead zombies with unarmed skill moves. In case, you do not know, unarmed skill moves can be executed by pressing B and Y.

After taking out five zombies, go back and talk to Kelly once again to teach him how to make combo weapons. Doing so successfully will complete the mission.

Zombies Gone Wild
Get to The Mansion on your mini-map and do not forget to help any survivors along the way for some extra PP. Once you are inside the mansion, Joey will ask you to lure three male zombies inside the mansion.

Get outside and you will find a few zombies which can be lured inside to complete the mission.

Let’s Blow This Town
You need to investigate the RV in order to complete this mission. Get to the location and speak to Hank. Hank will ask to bring him Propane Tank, Acetylene Tank, and Gasoline Tank.

Get in your car and drive back to find the Propane Tank near the zombie horde. As for the Acetylene Tank, it can be found outside the Comm Tower. And finally, for Gasoline Tank, it could be found near Hank’s location; just look for any zombie horde and it will be lying on the ground.

Once you have gathered all these things, get back to Hank but do not hover around as he will kill himself.

Blood Barter
Get to Bus Depot location on your mini map and speak to Troy. Troy will ask you to retrieve the lost locket which has been confiscated by Kent and Jesse.

Get to the marked location on your mini map which will lead you to a club. Get inside and head up the stairs to find Kent and Jesse. You will have to fight them in order to get the locket. Once you have claimed it back, get back to Troy and complete the mission.

A Question of Law
This mission requires you to retrieve a lost bag. Get to Central City and speak to Carrie; who will tell you all about the bag. After the dialogue is over, get to the designated location of the bag.

You will have to fight your way through heavy zombie resistance; prepare yourself! Once you have retrieved the bag, get back to Carrie and complete the mission.

All You Can Eat
This is a psychopath side mission which requires you to take out Darlene in Igleton. Check out our Psychopaths Guide for more information on each of these seven psychopaths.

Lesser Evil
Get to South Bridge and speak to Big D who will ask you bring a Combo Vehicle. You can bring in any Combo Vehicle of your choice. Refer to our Dead Rising 3 – Combo Vehicles Guide to know how to make one.

Once you have a Combo Vehicle, get back to Big D and kill him to complete the mission.

Family Style Dining
You will get this mission at the beginning of Chapter #4. Get to the marked location and talk to Jason who will ask you to bring in some meat.

In order to do so, head over to ‘All You Can Eat’. The place will be swarming with undead so clear them out first and head to the kitchen inside and grab the meat. Get this meat to Jason and complete the mission.

Speed Freak
This one takes place in Rhonda’s Garage in Ingleton and involves nothing but a race to the finish line against Derek. Talk to Derek and he will challenge you for a race. Just keep on sprinting and evade the oncoming zombies to complete the mission.

Under Armed
Get to the Police Station and speak to Dwayne who will ask you to bring in a Handgun, a Riot Shield, and Grenades. The Handgun can be acquired from any zombie guard preferably the ones standing exactly opposite to Police Station.

Next, get to Ingleton Taxi Company and head to the roof to get the Riot Shield. As for Grenades, they can be found in a safe house situated behind the Police Station. Grab all these things and get back to Dwayne who will then ask you to bring a shotgun.

Go to the lockers, grab the shotgun, and get back to Dwayne to complete the mission.

Dog Gone!
You need to protect Jorge in this mission. Talk to Jorge and he will tell you all about his situation. Get him in your car and escort him to Sea Food Restaurant. You will have to keep on protecting him from undead as long as he cooks. Doing this successfully will complete the mission.

Kin and Comfort
This mission is given by Kelsey who will ask you to escort her to her family. Get any vehicle but I will recommend you to make a Combo Vehicle. Anyway, get her to her house and get inside her to find out that all her family has been turned.

Kill all her family members to complete the mission.

Look in the Mirror
This is a psychopath side mission which requires you to take out Jherri in Yoga Studio. Check out our Psychopaths Guide for more information on each of these seven psychopaths.

Don’t Look Now
This mission is given be Kyla in the Security Room. Get inside and talk to Kyla who will ask you to invade the government office and get your hands on some secret documentation.

You will face medium resistance; once you are inside, get the documentation and return them to Kyla to complete the mission.

Contraband Conditions
This mission is given by Marcus in Ingleton. Get to the highway and Marcus will tell you to destroy five vans. It is recommended that you keep your distance lest you will get in the blast radius and attract unnecessary enemy attention.

Once you have destroyed all the enemy vehicles, get back to Marcus and talk to him to complete this mission.

Eat the Rich
Get to the Central City and talk to Jose who will ask you of five meat pieces. After getting the quest, go down the stairs and you will find the first piece. Now, head outside and start killing undead until you get four more pieces. After collecting all, head back to Jose and return them to complete the mission.

Remotely Helpful
This is a psychopath side mission which requires you to destroy the security panels in Sunset Hills. Check out our Psychopaths Guide for more information on each of these seven psychopaths.

Fashion Victim
Get to the Boutique in the Central City and clear the area of any zombie activity before heading upstairs to talk to Lena. You will be required to visit three different stores for her.

One by one visit each store and get back to Lena to complete the mission.

Will or Away
This mission is given by Phil which involves re-uniting two friends. After talking to Phil, come out and look for Warren. Take out any zombies along the way and keep on looking for Warren.

Once you have found him, take him back to Phil who will start attacking you. Take him out quickly and speak to Warren to complete the mission.

The Hunted
This mission is found in South Almuda and requires you to take out Spee Ops at the station. This mission is not at all hard! Use any weapon you want and speak to Doug after taking out everyone to complete the mission.

Memory Lane
Get to Hotel and speak to Meryl to start this mission. After the dialogue is over, give Meryl the box lying nearby and get downstairs. Wait for a while and head to the Jewellery Store to get her a ring. After this take out the Spee Ops at the Central Station and head to Mausolem to drop her off at her place and complete the mission.

Love’s a Drag
Speak to Adam on the stage who will ask you to destroy all the speakers. Luckily, all the speakers will be nearby and you can destroy them in any way you want.

After each speaker is destroyed, return to Adam and complete the mission for 25,000 PP.

Single White Male
You will have to get to yacht and take out Kenny. Just as the cut scene ends, keep on moving around him and poking him along with the zombies surrounding him.

A good way to take him out is to make a Combo Weapon which will make him vulnerable. Once he is killed, take out rest of the zombies and complete the mission.

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