Dead Rising 3 PP Trials Guide – How To Farm Prestige Points

Leveling up in Dead Rising 3 is done by racking up Prestige Points (PP) which is its kind of XP. Leveling up is important because it grants players with Attribute Points, which can be used to get new upgrades and other important things.

The game features different ways of earning Prestige Points like finding collectibles, crafting combo weapons/vehicles and completing side-activities. However, the most important and quickest of them is completing PP Trials.

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Dead Rising 3 PP Trials

PP Trials are a set of in-game challenges, which can be completed while playing the game which gets you tons of PP. These PP Trials are very easy to complete, and below you will find the first set of these in-game trials.

Boom Boom BoomCreate IED 50 times (Explosives + Explosives)
This one is really easy and while progressing through the main storyline, get to any gas station to do this or get to the Fireworks Factory located in Almuda.

Balls of JunkCreate the Junk Ball 50 times (Junk + Junk)
To do this, head over to the southern side of Almuda and make your way to Construction Site. You will find some concrete blocks there which could be used with trash cans to make a combo. Do this 50 times to complete this trial.

Hot HeadedCreate the Flaming Helmet 50 times (Chemicals + Helmet)
You need to get to the Sunset Hills and get to the High School. From there, head inside the building near the motorcycle shop. You will find Chemicals inside this building. Next, head inside the Toy Shop; not too far away from this building and you will find the Helmets. Combine them and boom goes the challenge.

So Much Easier Than ThrowingCreate the Boom Cannon 50 times (Explosives + Gun)
You will come across a Gun Shop near Rhonda’s Garage in Ingleton. Get inside this building and you will find loads of grenades and guns. Guns will be plenty; however, there will be some Propane Tanks outside the building.

Toy That Creeps Me Out!Create the Jack in the Box 50 times (Box + Toy)
Once again, get to Sunset Hills and head over to High School. Get inside the Toy Store building and get all the boxes and toys. In case, you run out of boxes, head over to next Toy Store in the same area and get more boxes.

Make It Flame GrilledCreate the Flaming Sword 50 times (Blade + Chemicals)
For this one, again to Sunset Hills and head inside the High School. The blades can be found in the lockers of school. As for the chemicals, refer to Hot Headed above.

Jazz HandsCreate the Jazz Hands 50 times(Gun + Gloves)
You need to get inside the Gun Shop near Rhondo’s Garage situated in Ingleton. Get as many gun as you can carry and head towards the north side to get to Boxing Gym where you would be able to find the gloves.

Ryu Would Be ProudCreate the Dragon Punch 50 times (Machinery + Gloves)
Once again, head towards the west side of Rhonda’s Garage and you will come across a Hardware Store. Head inside and you will find bunch of machinery required. That leaves us with the gloves, which can found inside the gym. See Jazz Hands for more information.

Raindrops Keep Melting My HeadCreate Acid Rain 50 times (Chemicals + Gun)
While in the Sunset Hills, get to the Motorcycle Store to get chemicals. As for the guns, they can be either be bought or obtained from Gun Store.

Last WordsDiscover the tragic deaths of Los Perdidos’ citizens
Pretty self-explanatory! You need to find all the tragic ending scenes in Los Perdidos. While you are on your journey on finding them, they will pop-up on your mini map. Most of these will either be on the rooftops or well hidden inside buildings.

Drop Dead!Kill 100 enemies with the Body Slam
At large combo, you will see an option of executing a skill move by pressing B and Y. When pressed this while being unarmed, you will execute Body Slam.

My Tummy HurtsUse Disembowel skill move on 100 zombies
This can be done by leveling up your melee skills (execution skills). After you have updated it, as soon as initiate the execution, pull down immediately.

A Head of the GameUse the Head Job skill move on 100 zombies
Just as you begin to start the execution, push the left analogue stick to the left to perform this move.

Burn WardKill 3,600 zombies with fire
Pretty self-explanatory! You can do this by using Rollerhawg, flamethrower, molotovs, and Flame Dragon.

Pretty Dizzy Now.. Might PukeKill 200 zombies while spinning around with the Hammer Spin skill move
While performing the execution, turn to your right and execute this move. Any zombie caught in the radius will also be counted.

Dash for the DeadKill 100 zombies with the should charge
First, you need to find some weak zombies and then sprint towards them at full throttle. Smash into them and you will kill them.

You Knee’d MeKill 50 enemies with a Knee Drop attack
Simple as it can be! Kill 50 enemies with a Knee Drop attack and kill them to get this.

Sacked!Kill 20 football zombies with the Shoulder Charge
Firstly, you will come across a ton of Football Zombies in Sunset Hills. Secondly, if you wish on killing them with a Shoulder Charge attack then you might want to consider hitting them either from side or from behind.

Kills Challenges
The following are challenges requiring you to kill certain number of enemies. Since there is no specific strategy involved, I have listed those challenges below:

  • Damn You Are One Bad-Ass – Kill 200,000 Zombies
  • Slippery Customer – Escape out of 50 zombie grabs
  • Getting Warmed Up – Kill 5,000 Zombies
  • Still More To Kill – Kill 10,000 zombies
  • Going Pro – Kill 53,594 zombies
  • Joining the Big Leagues – Kill 72,000 zombies

How To Farm Prestige Points PP’

Here’s a useful little tip if you want to farm PP quickly and easily in a short time span. Near the northern edge of the map is a long bridge with a large number of zombies on it.

On the western end of the bridge, you can find the parts you need to create the roller hog vehicle. If you don’t know what that is, just imagine a bike with a huge roller in front of it that crushes all the zombies that you run over. Oh, and it shoots fire too.

Anyway, you should build that up and do a couple of laps on the bridge, crushing all the zombies. They keep on coming back and you’ll keep on raking in the PP.

The best part about it is that if your Hog gets damaged, you can just head back to build another one. The parts normally respawn after you’ve completed two laps of the bridge.

If anything confusing, comment and we will help you out!

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