Dead Rising 3 PC Version Gets 1.5GB Patch Just After Its Release

Dead Rising 3 PC version was launched just three days ago and within just few hours of the game’s release, a lot of people on game’s Steam Page filed complaints related to different issues they were facing.

To address some of the crash on boot issues, developers released a 1.5 GB patch; however, the users of NVIDIA were requested to use the six months old 335.23 driver if they were experiencing any issue with the game.

Those of you, who are planning to play Dead Rising 3 on NVIDIA have to be cautious about the rolling back drivers as it might get troublesome for some of your other games.

This has really become a trend now for PC gamers as whenever a new game hits the market, PC gamers are forced to hit the forums to look for the solutions for the problem that they are facing and sometimes, they even have to wait for the patches that don’t see the light of day until the player has lost his interest in the game.

There isn’t a lot of difference now in the architecture of Xbox One and PC and still, Dead Rising 3 launched with numerous issues, which means that ports to PC can still cause a lot of problems.

As of now, developers have fixed some of major issues of Dead Rising 3 version, and if you are experiencing other problems, you can also consult our troubleshooting guide.

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