Dead Rising 3 Crafting Guide – Every Recipe You Need!

With the release of Microsoft’s Xbox One, we have been graced with the presence of a new Dead Rising game, Dead Rising 3 to be specific. It features a new protagonist, and while I am sure many of us will miss Chuck Greene, Nick Ramos is more than willing and capable of filling his shoes.

Most players will be happy to see the crafting and combination system from Dead Rising 2 make a return.

Players can pick up random weapons and fuse them with other material to make them even more efficient at slaying zombies.

Dead Rising 3 Crafting

There are over a hundred of these weapons that you can make, including Super Combo weapons (which are basically two combo weapons, comboed) and 11 combo vehicles, used for transporting yourself across Los Perdidos while at the same time crushing, burning, squishing and melting the undead.

In order to craft an item, you first need to have that combo item’s blueprint.

The blueprint will getting you which two items you need to combine, and what the resulting combination will give you. However, there is an easier way to work around this.

Crafting Combo Weapons and Vehicles

First you must use Attribute points in order to purchase different item categories.

With each item category purchased on the ‘Player Attributes’ screen, Nick gains the ability to create certain combo weapons using any item of that type instead of the specified items.

Keep in mind that in order to craft weapons or vehicles of different item types, both of those categories must be purchased.

Let’s take an example, a baseball bat is classified as a blunt weapon so is a 2×4 piece of wood. If you purchase the ‘Blunt’ category, you can substitute any blunt weapon for another in any blueprint that requires it.

Suppose you need the bat to craft something, you can use the 2×4 instead of the bat and you’ll still get the item if you have the blunt category purchased.

The categories in the game are as follows; Axe, Blade, Blunt, Bow, Chemical, Electronic, Explosive, Firearm, Gloves, Helmets, Mechanical, Miscellaneous, Novelty, Polearms, Pushable and Thrown.

Another thing we have is the food combo category.

When you buy this, you’ll gain the ability to combine different food items. These can range anywhere from smoothies that boost Nick’s speed to masterfully-crafted hot dogs that fully restore his health.

Combo Vehicles
Vehicle Combos are exactly what they sound like. You can fuse together two different vehicles to create an even more mighty instrument of carnage, destruction, death and Sunday morning drives.

We have some pretty wild vehicles here, each crazier than the last. There are a total of eleven to be created in the game, and you can find out how to make them in our Combo Vehicles Guide.

Combo Weapons
This is the main attracting feature of the game. This is probably the best thing about the Dead Rising series and what makes it so much fun.

Combining a fire axe with a sledgehammer or duct taping two chainsaws to either end of a pole are two of the most disgusting things you could do in the original game, and the developers haven’t gone back from there.

Check out the various weapons you can craft and how to do so in our Combo Weapons Guide.

Super Combo Weapons
The pinnacle of zombie slaying epicness, the super combo weapons should really be classified as weapons of mass destruction. Even wanted to fight alongside a robot teddy-bear with chain-guns in place of arms? Well now you can.

These are a bit more difficult to find and create, as the blueprints can be hard to find. Furthermore, you need to craft the materials for the super weapon first.

To learn about the different super combo weapons and what you need to craft them, read our Super Combo Weapons Guide.

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