Dead Rising 2 Zombrex Locations Guide

Zombrex is probably the most important drug in Dead Rising 2. We have Zombrex Locations so that you can find it with relative ease.

Zombrex is life-saving drug that saves you from hordes of Zombies in Dead Rising 2. The very reason you need it to not only keep your daughter alive, but also save others you encounter in Dead Rising 2. In this guide, we walk you through the Zombrex locations you can find this life saving drug in, to keep your stock full.

Dead Rising 2 Zombrex Locations

Zombrex #1
Location: Go upstairs to the top level of the BBQ shack, move to the left hand side where you will see some large lights hanging from the ceiling, Chuck can jump onto these lights, keep jumping across these until you see a large platform with a large toy bunny. The Zombrex is on this platform.

Zombrex #2
Location: Get yourself to the Slot Ranch Casino stage just to the northeast of the royal flush plaza on the map, here you can find the second Zombrex. Go back stage and jump onto the stereo equipment and then onto the large dice, you will need to jump a large gap to get onto the equipment with the Zombrex on top.

Zombrex #3
Location: Go to the Yuccatan Casino, you will find a large monument in the middle of the casino surrounded by stone statues, you can jump up to the top of this monument to reach a platform where another secret Zombrex is placed.

Zombrex #4
Location: In order to get this Zombrex, you will require access to the underground tunnels. This is tricky, the best time to get this Zombrex is when you encounter TK, in underground tunnels.

Grab a kart and use that to travel through the underground tunnel until you are underneath the Silver Strip entrance, you will find the final Zombex laying somewhere on the walkway so keep your eyes open as you approach the Silver Strip entrance.


Dead Rising 2 Zombrex Posters Locations

Now that you know where the Zombrex’ are, let’s find the Zombrex Posters. They are pasted up on walls all over Fortune City. In total, you can find 33 Zombrex Posters in Fortune City. You can unlock the achievement ‘’Improper Behaviour” by spray-painting all of them.

Spray Paint Location:
The green spray paint is quite easy to find. At the Food Court, it can be found right in front of the maintenance room. You can also find it in the entrance hall of the Fortune City Arena. You can gather all the green spray paints quickly by using this nifty trick:

Exit a location which has the items you need more of (this will cause the loading screen to appear). Quickly enter the area again and all the items will be re-spawned. By using this trick, you can farm the spray paint very quickly.

At least 6 spray paints are required to paint all of the Zombrex Posters in Fortune City.

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