Dead Rising 2: Case West PP Stickers Bonus Location Guide

You unlock Professional Photography achievement If you take a picture of all PP stickers in Dead Rising 2: Case West earning you 20 gamer score points.

Dead Rising 2: Case West PP Stickers

You can follow precise locations of every professional photography sticker in the text but do note, you will need to take picture of each with your camera and once you have taken the picture of every sticker to make achievement pop.

Dead Rising PP Collector
In order to unlock this achievement, you’ll have to take pictures of all 100 PP stickers which are dispersed throughout the mall. This must be done in one play-through. You’ll receive Hockey Maskas as an award for unlocking this achievement.

Dead Rising 2 Professional Photography
Case West consists of 10 PP stickers upon taking their picture The Professional Photography Achievement is unlocked, the location of these PP stickers is given under:

PP Sticker #1
When you enter the container area the first PP sticker is situated on a Blue Container on the left side of the room.

PP Sticker #2
Now, all you have to do is go towards the entrance of “Storage Bay” on the right side of the entrance and you’ll see a poster saying “Keep Em Moving”, beneath it you’ll find your second PP sticker.

PP Sticker #3
In order to receive your third PP sticker, you’ll have to go to the entrance of the “Holding Pen “area. Now, go up the stairs into the Security Outpost room and defeat the security guard who will shoot at you. You’ll find your third PP sticker on the Blue Print which is pasted on the wall, above the sofa.

PP Sticker #4
Now exit the room, jump down and go towards the “Harvesting Room”. After entering the room go upstairs and climb on the machine and jump into the hall way and you’ll find your fourth PP sticker on the Large machine in the center of Harvesting room.

PP Sticker #5
Exit the Harvesting Room and enter the “Research Laboratory”, jump down and go inside the “Refrigerated Containment” you’ll find your fifth PP sticker located in the center of the room on the Large machine.

PP Sticker #6
Exit the Research Laboratory and go towards the left, inside the “Zombrex Research Lab” you’ll find your sixth PP sticker on the chemical dispenser labeled “G274”.

PP Sticker #7
Exit the Zombrex Research Lab, go up the stairs to the top most walkway turn to the left side you’ll find some tanks your seventh PP sticker is on the Queens Storage tank.

PP Sticker #8
Jump down from the Queens Storage tank area go straight towards the “Gas control” area into the Cafeteria. Now exit the Cafeteria and go into the “Emergency Quarter” you’ll find your eighth PP Sticker on the left Zombrex poster.

PP Sticker #9
Go up the stairs after exiting the Emergency Quarter and go inside the Living Quarters A8, you’ll find your ninth PP sticker on the Confederated-colored Texas map.

PP Sticker #10
Lastly, exit the Living Quarters A8 and jump on to the railing to get on the stairs and then go towards the lounge above and you’ll find your last PP Sticker on the Tiki situated in the center of the lounge.

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