That Dead PS4 CMOS Battery Issue Has Been Fixed

PlayStation 4 will no longer be rendered useless should its internal Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) battery suddenly die.

According to YouTuber Modern Vintage Gamer earlier today, the recent firmware update 9.00 has finally fixed a previously reported concerning issue where a dead CMOS battery would stop a PS4 console from connecting to the PlayStation Store and running digital games as well as reading physical discs.

It was discovered about five months back that both PS4 relies on its internal CMOS battery to communicate with the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Network, and other related online PlayStation services to enable the ability to run games.

The discovery birthed concerns that the death of a CMOS battery would mean the death of its PS4 console since the battery is used to verify dates and times. The goal was to prevent players from cheating their way to unlocking Trophies. While the battery could always be replaced by players, there was no guarantee that the new battery would allow the console to connect to the PlayStation Network, and as such, revoking access to PlayStation games.

Sony Interactive Entertainment confirmed back in April that it had taken notice of the problem by issuing emails to assure a quick resolution. The fix arrives now alongside firmware update 9.00.

CMOS batteries tend to last for years and even if one dies, players can have them replaced without any issues. The fix however makes sure that players will still be able to run PS4 games offline even if their internal console batteries die.

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