Dead Plague: Zombie Outbreak Tips and Strategy Guide

Dead Plague: Zombie Outbreak Tips and Strategy Guide will help you clear out the zombies in Dead Plague: Zombie outbreak in no time. See our tips and strategy guide on how to bring the best equipment to the fight and completing different tasks in order to survive the apocalypse.

Dead Plague: Zombie Outbreak Tips and Strategy

Learn the Controls

The game features very basic shooter controls, twin stick controls that means left stick is for movement and right stick is for aiming. Although the controls seem very simple and basic, mastering them for tougher situations later in the game are necessary.

You should practice using both sticks to find your perfect balance of finger placement on the screen so that you easily move around both sticks wherever you need to move them.

Practice moving backwards while shooting as it keeps the zombies at bay and gives you more room between yourself and the zombies.

Always keep your distance from the zombies. Running away to survive is nothing to be ashamed of so if things get a little heated, make sure you use the sprint button to run away from the situation and then strike again with a different and effective strategy. Once used, the sprint button will need to be charged so make sure you use it when you need it the most and make the most out of it.

Always have a plan B so you can handle yourself if you are surrounded by the horde. Mastering the controls will give you an edge in combat and will make your life easier while fighting the horde.

Ammo Management

The most important factor to keep in mind while playing this game is ammo management. You should always be considerate about the weapons. Never waste a bullet. Try to conserve ammo as much as possible.

You must practice to make your aim better so you dont not waste your ammo shooting blanks. You will find ammo boxes around the map but still you should avoid wasting too much ammo, as you might not be able to get to an ammo box always.

Beginning levels are easy and it will not give you a real feel of the ammo management.

However, as you progress in the game and the farther levels will really test your ammo management skills when a zombie is coming from literally every corner of the map and you are surrounded.

In intense situations, it is always best to try using traps and other tricks to defeat zombies. Traps can really help you clear big numbers of zombies with just one bullet. Lure a group of zombies near a barrel and shoot the barrel to make zombies fly.

One important thing to mention here is that unlike traditional shooters, this game uses realistic loading mechanics, so when you load a new clip even when the old one has some bullets left inside, they will be lost and a new clip will be loaded so it is suggested that you reload only when you have completely emptied the clip.

Try to Complete all Tasks and Objectives

Every mission will have 1 main mission while there will be 2 optional tasks for you to complete.

It is highly recommended that you complete all the side missions along with the main mission, as it will give you more money for all the firepower that you need to complete the missions.

Best part of these side missions is that you do not need to do them in the first play-through. You can complete the main mission and then return to complete the side missions.

This is also a good feature because these side missions are not that easy and are relatively very difficult.

You will need better firepower for them so you can always return to complete them after getting better equipped and with more firepower. Most of these optional missions will be to take large groups of zombies, which will be difficult if you do not have good weapons.

Always equip better weapons and equipment before retrying these side missions. Completing each bonus objectives gives you around 200-400 cash so it is a good source of money.

Always be Equipped

Never start a mission without properly equipping yourself with weapons and equipment’s. There are a number of weapons available in the game and they are pretty decent.

You get to choose two weapons with one of them as primary and the other one as a secondary weapon. Every weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Three things compromise the overall effectiveness of a weapon and they are damage, reload rate and ammo stats. You can upgrade these stats to make the weapons even more effective

Along with the weapons, your main arsenal will be different types of warfare equipment such as grenades, stun grenades, adrenaline shots and AP mines.

These will play a vital role in combat and will be extremely useful in those optional quests. Cheapest of the lot are the grenades so you should always stock up on grenades, as they are the best for crowd control.

Kill Everything!

Lastly, you should kill everything that moves around you. The more you kill the more money you earn. Take out every single zombie that comes your way. Use all the strategies mentioned above to test your mettle against the horde, try to stay alive as long as possible and complete the tasks and objectives to score big.

Always make sure you do not attract unwanted attention to yourself. Take it slow and set a slow pace. Move on slowly while clearing the area around you from zombies. You do not want to rush in and attract a very large number of zombies towards yourself.

You might end up in a tight spot surrounded with zombies. Slow and steady will make sure you survive long enough to complete your mission objectives.

Ammo Limitation

At the beginning of your game, you are going to come across some weak zombies but as you progress further in the game you are going to encounter some higher level zombies which will be much more resilient. You cannot keep shooting on them as you are limited on ammo. You need to be smart about how you utilize your ammo.

Some tactics that you should know about to not let this limitation be a drawback are improving your aim.

Yes, magnetic aiming assist is available for you but it’s not completely reliable. You still need to master at your aiming and aim close to the zombie in order to eliminate them.

You must have seen those red barrels around in the area. Those can be helpful in saving your ammo.

Lure the zombies near those barrels and then shoot them to quickly eliminate the enemies easily. This can take down multiple zombies at once so voila! Luring them into narrow places also gives you an advantage as now you don’t have a big area to cover for aiming.

Other than this, make sure to keep an eye out for those ammo boxes that are scattered around the area.

When you start going low on ammo, use those boxes to restock your ammo and get back to eliminating those zombies

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