Dead or Alive Dimensions Unlock Characters, Bosses, Stages

If you are still unsure about how to unlock various types of content in Dead or Alive Dimensions, our guide will walk you through this stuff so you can unlock access to boss characters, stages, voices and more.

Dead or Alive Dimensions Unlocks

Unlock Boss Characters

You will need to finish the Chronicle mode first and then do the specified task to unlock the specific boss character.

Kasumi Alpha
Complete Tag Challenge 16.

Complete Tag Challenge 20.

Complete Tag Challenge 20. Select by holding L+X and Press A on Random.

Complete Mission 18 in Tag Challenge Mode

Complete Mission 17 in Tag Challenge Mode

Complete Mission 19 in Tag Challenge Mode

Unlock Character Menu Voices

You can unlock the character menu voices by playing through the single round of survival mode.

Character Menu Voice
Play and win one round of survival mode

Unlock the Metroid stage

In order to unlock the Metroid stage geo-thermal plant, you need to finish all of arcade mode.

Geo-Thermal Plant(Metroid Stage)
Finish all of Arcade mode.

Once it unlocked, you can get Samus to appear at the Power Plant stage. Just as you’re in the fight, call for Samus into the mic and she will come with a morph ball bomb. Doing this will cause you and your opponent to also switch places.

Unlock Alternate Outfits

To use the alternative unlockable outfits for the characters, press the below mentioned buttons to get to the outfit, then press A to use them.

Kasumi Alpha / Braid – L + X

Kasumi Alpha / High Ponytail – R + X

Kasumi Alpha / Low Ponytail – L + R + X

Kasumi / Braided hair – L + X

Kasumi / High Ponytail – R + X

Kasumi / Low Ponytail – L + R + X

La Mariposa / No Mask – L + X

Lei Fang / Side Braids – L + X

Lei Fang / Short Ponytail – R + X

Random Select / Shiden Costume 1 – L + X

Random Select / Shiden Costume 2 – R + X

Random Select / Shiden Costume 3 – L + R + X

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