Dead or Alive 6 Item Unlocks Guide – Unlock Costumes and Costume Parts

There are a variety of items that you can unlock in Dead or Alive 6. There is a very specific process to unlocking costumes and other items that you want to equip on your character.

For example, costumes require you to unlock parts in the game and then purchase them with Player Points.

The processes are not difficult but they are also not very straightforward so we have prepared this Dead or Alive 6 Guide to help you unlock new items in the game.

Dead or Alive 6 Item Unlocks

The first thing you should know is that after complete a game mode, you will get various messages that will show you that you have unlocked Costume Parts.

This may mislead you into thinking that you may have unlocked the whole costume, but in fact, you are only rewarded with Costume Parts.

Costumes come in various parts that you need to unlock, then *purchase with money* or Player Points in order to fully obtain them. Once after every game mode that you play, you will be gifted a random Costume Part.

These parts come in random to the characters in the game and not specifically the one that you are playing with.


Each costume has several parts that you are awarded and you need to collect all of them to unlock it. They are made up of 500 parts or more which require you to play a lot of the various game modes.

Playing through the DOA Quest mode will unlock costume parts a bit faster than the other mode.

If you are mainly focusing on playing online matches, it will be much slower since you will have to play a ton of matches to unlock all the parts and these matches only give you a handful of parts most of the time.

Once a costume is unlocked, you can equip it to your character in the DOA Central Mode or during online match preparation. Almost all items are unlocked by simply having enough Player Points to buy them.

However, not everything can be acquired this way. Some of the unlockable content in the DOA Encyclopedia and Music Modes requires you to perform tasks like completing specific Story mode sections.

If you want to unlock everything, you should focus on finishing the Story Mode and either all of DOA Quest or do a lot of online and offline matches.