Dead Island Walkthrough

Dead Island is a first-person action-adventure game by Deep Silver which will test your ability to survive a zombie infested open World Island with combat focus on melee. Struggling to survive? Have a look at this Dead Island walkthrough for help.

Dead Island is similar to Dead Rising 2 in many ways but is also differentiates itself from it by introducing different zombie classes, weapons, combat and gameplay mechanics. Unlike Dead Rising 2, Dead Island is in first person perspective with RPG elements deeply incorporated in it. There is an experience system and Skill Tree.

Use of weapons require a set amount of Stamina so you can’t just go berserk on zombies, you need to conserve stamina and make effective use of your energy. There Nigh/Day sequences in the game, and flashlight is required to use in the dark, which adds an element of suspense. Overall Dead Island promises to be a fun ride and if you ever get stuck and need help completing any objective, you can always read this walkthrough.

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Table of Contents

  1. Chaos Overture
  2. Blood On the Sand
  3. Passport to Life
  4. Exodus
  5. A Piece of Cake
  6. Seek ‘n’ Loot
  7. Born To be Wild
  8. Misery Wagon
  9. Only The Strong Survive
  10. Black Hawk Down
  11. On the Road
  12. Sacred Silence
  13. Grasp All, Lose All
  14. In Cold Blood
  15. Drowned Hope
  16. Drop by Drop
  17. Way Of Slavation
  18. Let The Water Flow
  19. Head Against The Wall
  20. Supermarket Journey
  21. Big Daddy Where Are You?
  22. Bitter Return
  23. Lady in Trouble
  24. Faith Will Mountain
  25. Bird on the Roof
  26. Home Sweet Home
  27. Devastated
  28. Welcome to the Jungle
  29. Chasing Shadows
  30. Soldier Of Fortune
  31. River Trip
  32. Power Slaves
  33. The Scientific Method
  34. Pure Blood
  35. Boat Supplies
  36. Back In Black
  37. No Time To Talk
  38. Titus Andronikus
  39. The Green Mile
  40. Full Metal Jacket
  41. Dante’s Kitchen
  42. Devil’s Labyrinth
  43. Chasing the White Rabit – Final Boss Fight

Dead Island Walkthrough

It’s not the Island for Festivity, it’s a land crawling by the dead and the chances of survival are slim. Still, you need to strive for your survival. There are different quests you will undertake during your adventure with zombies in Dead Island. These quests will award you experience points and the Lifeguard there can call in the quests to be complete after you have repaired the antenna.

Chaos Overture
After you have chosen your character, this will be your first quest in the game. You won’t have any weapons and all you need to do is follow the quest marker on your mini map. After the fall of the elevator, you will need to find a gun as told by the stranger’s voice. You will be attacked by the zombies. You don’t need to fight them and run towards the storage room instead. You will be attacked from behind and a cut scene will follow.

Blood On the Sand
During the cut scene, Jeannine will ask you to save Sinamoi who actually is in trouble, surrounded by zombies. You need to get that wooden paddle and use it to fight against zombies outside. Just smack any zombie you come across to save his life. That’s all you need to do.

Passport to Life
You will receive this quest after saving John Sinamoi’s life. He want you to get the lifeguard security card from the bungalows so that they can move to the Lifeguard station. Start after the objective marker. You will have to crush some of the dead along your way. You will find a couple of more weapons like the knife from the back of the dead body in the blood pool. After you find the card, head back to Sinamoi to complete the task.

Sinamoi will ask you another favor. He wants you to go to the Lifeguard tower and check if it’s safe for the others to move. He will also give you a radio through which you can tell him when it’s safe to move. There will be infected of course but won’t create any big trouble for you. Keep on following the objective trail and after you have cleared the area, Sinamoi can move in with the survivors and build a stronghold there.

A Piece of Cake
It’s one of the quests available after Sinamoi and company move to the guard tower. He will ask you to collect some food for the survivors. You can go out for the hunt and collect some boxes and return. After you have completed this task you can start “Seek ‘n’ Loot.

Seek ‘n’ Loot
Considering the fact that food supplies aren’t enough, Sinamoi will ask you to visit the 2 gas stations for more supplies. It’s quite important in dead Island that you explore every object to collect useful items which can help in upgrades and purchase. Get inside the car and follow the marker to first gas station. Casual zombies aren’t that tough unless they are approaching you fast. You need to get rid of them first and then deal with the more resistant ones.

Running over zombies by a vehicle is a efficient way for gathering xp. So you can crush some before you explore the gas stations for goods. After you have grabbed sufficient stashes, drive back to Sinamoi to complete the task.

Born To be Wild
Still short on food supplies. There are many to feed. This time Sinamoi want’s you to go to town for more food resources. He first asks you to go get that truck that will help you to get through the tunnel leading to the town. There are going to be plenty of zombies inside the hotel. Keep your flash light and ears open zombies will attack you from any direction.

After you find Ken, he will ask for Morphine. Get the Morphine. He won’t be of any use though. Next, Davies will tell you about rebooting the systems. Follow the marker as you fight your way through different infected and once you are done with rebooting, head back to Davies who will tell you that doors to parking lot are opened.

Before you move to parking lot, don’t forget to take the energy drinks as there will be many zombies waiting for you in the parking area. Get the vehicle and drive it to the guard tower. Talk to Sinamoi to conclude this quest.

Misery Wagon
Sinamoi will ask you to take the truck to the workshop to make the necessary amendments.

Only The Strong Survive
After you park the vehicle at the workshop, enter the garage where Earl will ask you to stop the zombies while he modifies the vehicle. So head outside and be a tank to defend the garage. It won’t be that easy though. Get yourself ready for some tough time. Once you are done slaughtering zombies outside, head back to Earl to complete the task.

Black Hawk Down
After you meet Nikolai, he will ask you to escort him to the bunker so that he can call some help. Since, it’s an escort, you can’t let Nikolai die. If you are wise enough to buy some Molotov from the guard tower, they will come handy in this mission.

On the Road
Take the truck to church to look for any survivors. In the Church you will have to fight a berserker type zombie. He will attack you. Try to lure him into the fire. It will take some time but after many attempts, you will be able to get rid of him. Open the door, this will also complete your “Ram on Heaven’s Door” quest.

Sacred Silence
Mother Helen asks you to silence those bells which are actually serving as the invitation call for the infected. All you need to do is enter that room, remove the infected and turn off the bells. After that, there are some people in the church that need your help.

Grasp All, Lose All
You will have this quest from Stan. He wan’t you to clear his hose from zombies. Enter the house and do your work. Come back and tell him when you are done with the zombies inside. Explore the house as there are plenty of useful items in there.

In Cold Blood
In the church, give Mugambe the morphine to complete this simple quest.

Drowned Hope
Sister Helen will ask you head to the pump station. Get ready for a long gun fight as those thieves won’t make it easy for you.Move to the control with Antonio to complete this task. He will also assign you the next task that is to close the hydrants.

Drop by Drop
As you walk through the streets of the town, expect zombies to attack you from any direction. The intensity from the island is relatively higher. If you are using the gun, try to take the head shots. This will save your ammo. After you have turned off the pumps, head back to sister Helen to complete this quest.

Way Of Slavation
The quest has no other strategic points except for the fact that there are plenty of zombies wandering in the town. Joseph will aid you a bit but this does not mean that you can relax. You can also choose to run away from them if you can as confrontation will only delay your task. If you want fun, nobody is stopping you. Ultimately you will reach the sewers opening.

Let The Water Flow
The task may seem simple as you will only have to rotate some valves to adjust the water flow. The giant fat ass infected make things difficult. You should wait till it turns its back and then attack. He will spit the green matter which is poisonous ofcourse. You will have to spawn a couple of times before you get rid of it. If you don’t want to engage him directly, then try throwing weapons at it from distance but this will take some more time.

Head Against The Wall
There is nothing special in this quest as all you need to follow the marker and then watch the cutscene just outside the city hall. Like always, don’t forget to check the area for any useful items.

Supermarket Journey
Josh in City Hall will tell you the location of a market. You need to give alcohol to the guard to pass through that gate. While moving through the sewers. You can avoid the infected and run towards one of the gated opening and then close the grid to stop them.

Like Josh said, there are some rascals you will have to deal with in the market. It’s the basic test of your shooting skills. Don’t forget to grab the ammo from the dead. You can eat apples there if you run low on health.

Big Daddy Where Are You?
You need to follow the objective marker and ultimately you will reach the dead body with the master keys in the office.

Bitter Return
Time to escape the town hall and return to the church. There will be infected in your way but they should not present you any big trouble. Follow the objective marker to reach your destination.

Lady in Trouble
Sister Helen will ask you to look for Jin and Joseph near the police station. Joseph tell you that she is at the Police station. You can get there through sewers.You are heading towards the Police station so expect some gun fight soon.

Faith Will Mountain
The quest will be completed after you supply the with the goods you have looted earlier.

Bird on the Roof
After you drive the van to the life guard station, Sinamoi will meet you there and will ask you to find Dominic and company how were supposed to try the hotel antenna for communication. Follow the trail and with slight resistance, you will reach the hotel and communicate that that strange officer who happens to be the defense colonel of the island.

Home Sweet Home
You need to find a way to reach the other island. Mike will provide you some explosives to clear your path through the jungle. Talk to Jin and she will guide you to the bunker blockage from where you can proceed further.

Accompany Jin to the bunker site where you will have to deal with some infected. Till you reach the bunker, make sure that you protect Jin. Once at the entrance, plant the explosives at the gate to enter. This will conclude Act II.

Welcome to the Jungle
After the long cutscene, you will have to escort Jin through the jungle to the village to meet a person who can help you. Half of the path is on foot while after you find the path blocked, you will have to proceed on foot. There won’t be too many zombies to trouble you along the way.

Chasing Shadows
The island may look great but the zombies are there to spoil the scene. Matutero will ask you to collect the package. Check the cars and the boxes to find useful goods. Take the package back to him to complete the quest.

Soldier Of Fortune
The quest is going to be hell of a gunfight so you should be ready and full on ammo before you leave to find the stolen boat. Storeroom has things you need. As reach Moven, it will also complete your quest “King of Swamp“.

River Trip
Moven will tell you that he knows about the origin of Dead. Say yes to sail to the lab. Follow the trail to get to the doctor. He will take your blood sample and the quest will be concluded.

Power Slaves
From Will, you will come to know that generators are running out of gas. Conserve your ammo as much as you can. You need to follow the trail and restore power. Time to run. Yea run. If you fight, there are too many of them too handle.

The Scientific Method
It’s time to start the blood hunt. You are getting closer to the ending as you can see that you are quite near to the cure. As Dr said, they won’t let you take the blood easily so expect the resistance.

Ope, the leader of the clan will ask you stand in the circle of spirits. You need to survive ofcourse. If you have the shotgun, shoot the coming infected (headshots will do). You need to be steady as they will be fast. Keep moving inside the circle as they will come from every direction. Concentrate on the sounds. Once you have dealt with them, you will have the permission to take the blood sample.

Head back to Dr. West with the sample to complete the quest “Man of Faith”

Pure Blood
You need to find a blood sample in which the virus has not been mutated. Talk to Ope and he will guide you to the concerned place. When you reach the bridge, you can move across the left wing to press the lever. There will be plenty of enemies (endless it seems), so be patient and keep your focus.

The suspicious girl will guide you to the village. Change in music will tell you the story. Zombies nearby. If you have guns, always target for their heads. Head back to Dr. West to finish the task.

Boat Supplies
You need to get fuel containers for the boat. Since you only need the containers, don’t engage with the infected. Run away, grab the container and take the car to the boat. Mowen will tell that you need to modify the boat to be safe.

Jin’s father’s workshop is the place you need to head to.

Back In Black
At the beach, some zombies will be there to welcome you. You can clutter them and then use that red barrel to blow them off together. After Jin takes care of her father, you are good to go.

No Time To Talk
Something is wrong in the lab. You need to check it. All staff will be dead. You need to search the lab for the vaccine as told by the voice. It is important that if you leave the island, you won’t be able to come back. So if you have any other tasks you want to complete, you do it before you leave.

Titus Andronikus
When you meet Titus on the other island, this quest will be completed and he will assign you a new task.

The Green Mile
Move to the described cell block and free Alvaro. Beware of that hat unfected. It will take some time before you bring him down. Direct engagement is not a safe option.

Full Metal Jacket
Titus won’t let you pass till you do a couple of favors. First, he wants you to collect the ammo and weapons for his men from the armory. Kevin will tell you that you need the key to open the armory gate. Go get the key. won’t be easy though as you will have to deal with some crazy infected in close quarters. Grab the ammo inside and head back to Titus to complete the quest.

Dante’s Kitchen
Now he wants some food from kitchen. There will be a big mob of zombies waiting for you. So if you have any Molotov or propane container, you should use it here. Grab the food and get back to Titus to conclude the job.

Devil’s Labyrinth
White will use the gas to make you unconscious and steal the vaccine.

Chasing the White Rabit – Final Boss Fight
That’s it, you need to stop him from leaving the Island. Take the elevator to the roof. He will trace you like mad dog. You need to keep sprinting and use any opportunity to fire back. It’s a long tough fight but you will get him ultimately. ”

Well, that’s it for Dead Island. If you have anything to share. Go ahead!