Dead Island Riptide Secret Files Locations Guide

In Dead Island: Riptide, the secret files are a special kind of collectible scattered throughout the game world. They just look like regular old books, can be found is specific locations and basically reveal information about the kinds of experiments that were conducted on the virus. Collecting all the Secret Files unlocks the Mystery Solved achievement for 15 gamerscore.

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Dead Island Riptide Secret Files Locations

Without further ado, let’s get into the guide:

Dead Island Riptide Secret File Locations

Secret File #1 – Flooded Jungle
Location. After the mission to retrieve the supplies for Marcus Villa, when you return the supplies, look under his bed to find the first File.

Secret File #2 – Flooded Jungle
Location. In the Dead Zone in Halai, when you’re doing the ‘Where the Dead Sleep’ mission, search the room containing the supplies. You’ll find a Secret File on a shelf.

Secret File #3 – Flooded Jungle
Location. Go to the hut directly east of Hanging Joe in the northern central part of the flooded jungle after accepting the ‘White Line’ mission from Bruce. There will now be a hidden trapdoor in the floor of the hut leading to the basement. Here you will find the file.

Secret File #4 – Flooded Jungle
Location. After talking to Dr. Kessler in the Biosphere, enter the next set of doors and the files will be on the ground to the left.

Secret File #5 – Flooded Jungle
Location. When you’re trying to exit the tunnels and need a key, you’ll find this file in the same room that contains the key. It’s on the ground beside the bed.

Secret File #6 – Henderson
Location. You’ll find this file on a table at the far end of the comm-room in the military base.

Secret File #7 – Henderson
Location. There is a fast travel station at the north of the map here. Left of the station is a table and on top of it is the secret file.

Secret File #8 – Henderson
Location. Find the downed helicopter in the ‘The Crash’ mission. The Secret File can be found in the copter.

Secret File #9 – Henderson
Location. Just before you go down to the docks in the quarantine zone, you’ll find this file. Look behind the stack of crates beside the white tent across from the stairs.

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