Dead Island Riptide Postcards Locations Guide – Where To Find

The Postcards are a special kind of collectible that can be found scattered throughout the world of Dead Island: Riptide.

The Postcards belong to former vacationers on the island that never got sent (I wonder why?). The cards are there simply for some extra exposition story for the player’s benefit. They can also be a real pain in the neck to find, so for your benefit, we’ve decided to compile this guide to help you locate them.

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Dead Island Riptide Postcards Locations

Here are the locations of the Dead Island: Riptide Postcards:

Postcard #1 – Flooded Jungle
Location: You’ll find this first postcard on the bar in the Drink Bar in Paradise survival camp.

Postcard #2 – Flooded Jungle
Location: Enter the Drink Bar at the Kiwi Campground. Inside, look for the card on top of a table near some comfy-looking sofa-chairs.

Postcard #3 – Flooded Jungle
Location: Go to Halai, near the infirmary. Look for a building with an upper floor where you can find a woman named Makaylain. The postcard is to your right as you enter.

Postcard #4 – Flooded Jungle
Location: North of the Hanging Joe marker, look for a platform in the swamp that has a camp site set up. You can find the postcard on a mattress there.

Postcard #5 – Flooded Jungle
Location: You need to head to Marcus Villa’s hut in Mataka Village in search of a map in the ‘Ritual’ quest. The Postcard is inside the hut.

Postcard #6 – Flooded Jungle
Location: Search around the right side off the blue hut in the souther part of Marik’s Marina. You’ll find the card on a table there.

Postcard #7 – Henderson
Location: South of the infected storage, find ‘Nick’s House’ here. Go to the second floor and enter the bathroom to find the card on the shelf.

Postcard #8 – Henderson
Location: This postcard can be found in front of the bank in Henderson, to the right of the front doors, on the ground.

Postcard #9 – Henderson
Location: To the very south of Henderson there is a small building. South west of Ogio Moke’s laundry dead zone. The card is inside, on the arm of the couch.

Postcard #10 – Henderson
Location: During the ‘City New Comer’ quest, while you’re searching for the cinema, cross the first bridge and follow the stairs down on the left side. Follow the walk way there to the end and you will find the card on the left side.

Postcard #11 – Henderson
Location: After leaving the theater on the way to the military base, go east and pass the infected basement dead zone. Now look for a card on a table in the next patio area.

Postcard #12 – Henderson
Location: Slightly to the right of the central square shaped building in Henderson is a bench near a toppled umbrella, south of the archway.

Postcard #13 – Henderson
Location: This card is found inside Rodrigo’s store, just east of the infected Apartments Dead Zone. You’ll find it on the wall behind the counter.

Postcard #14 – Henderson
Location: Climb to the roof just outside the cinema. There is a table on the northeast corner of the building where you can find this postcard.

Postcard #15 – Henderson
Location: This card is located on a bench directly across from where Eva is on the roof of the store where her boss is located in the Henderson Villa area.

If there is anything confusing, you can ask in the comments and we will try to help you out!

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