Dead Island Riptide Infinite Zombie Spawn Locations Guide

There are a whole bunch of achievements in Dead Island: Riptide that you probably really want to get. A large amount of those achievement s involve killing zombies in one way or another (which makes sense, as it’s a game about killing zombies).

We’ve managed to find a magical spot in northern Halai Village that seems to spawn an infinite number of zombies, making getting these achievements a cakewalk. To get to the spot, grab a vehicle and get yourself over to Halai.

At the northernmost point of the village you will see a Diamond shaped building, and north of that is a bridge that goes over the river (towards the boats). Stand on top of the stairs on the bridge, and three fast zombies will continuously spawn from the roof of the diamond building and rush at you.

These zombies will keep coming, and as such this is a good place for farming the following achievements:

  • Hurler – Kill 100 monsters with thrown melee weapons
  • The Hurt Mine Locker – Kill 10 monsters with 1 mine.
  • Brainless – Kill 50 monsters by smashing, decapitating or shooting them in the head
  • Bully – Kill 100 monsters with a kick.
  • Juggernaut – Kill 100 enemies using charge attacks.
  • It’s an order – Mark 100 opponents which were then killed by your co-op partners

Note however, that the Hurt Mine Locker achievement seems really buggy. People have reported not getting it even though they blew up over 20 zombies in one go, or getting it randomly, or getting it when a zombie triggers a mine near other zombie corpses.

For more help on Dead Island Riptide, read our Infinite XP/Money, Weapons Duplicate and Dead Zones Locations Guide.

Hope this guide helps you guys, as always, if there is a problem comment below and let me know.

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