Dead Island 2 Status Effects Explained

In Dead Island 2, using combination of your weapons the environment, you can inflict certain status effects on your enemies. Read to learn more about them!

The post-Apocalyptic world of Dead Island 2 is filled with hordes of Zombies who are not as braindead as one might perceive them to be. Conventional spraying and praying might work for some of them but there will be times when you will have to get creative. In situations like these, you can use certain Status Effects in Dead Island 2.

These effects are caused by using a combination of different weapons and your environment. It also forces your brain to become a little more inventive than usual.

In this guide, we will be looking at every Status Effect in Dead Island 2 and what it does to a person. 

What Are Status Effects in Dead Island 2? 

Status Effects are essentially a type of damage or debuff that will hurt, slow down, or even immobilize either the player or the Zombie over a period of time. These damages can either be from environmental factors, modded weapons, and Curveballs. 

Status Effects can hurt both the player and the Zombie alike if they are caught in the Area of Effect. Once you are inflicted with a Status Effect, an icon will appear near your health bar indicating the type. Once the meter fills up, the results will start showing and will be shaken off after a little bit of time. 

All Status Effects in Dead Island 2 

There are two types of Status Effects in Dead Island 2. The first ones are universal and affect both the Zombie and the Slayer alike. The second ones are Zombie specific and only affect the Zombies. Below we have talked about both types. 


Universal Status Effects 

Ignited: This type of damage is caused by fire and builds up over time. Any character currently affected by Ignited will cause any flammable item in the area to catch fire and or cause an explosion. 

Electrified: If you or a zombie is electrified, you will receive shock damage. The special thing about this status effect is that if you come into close proximity to the person affected by this status effect, you will also be affected. Water increases the Area of Effect. Stunning enemies is also a part of it. 

Melting: This type of Status Effect will cause Caustic Damage and will make the affected a lot more vulnerable to Shock and Fire damage. It is to be noted that trying this on Zombies wearing Hazmat Suits is in vain because it won’t work. 

Bleeding: This will slowly make the person lose blood over time causing bleeding damage. This is especially useful if you are in a pinch and want to passively deal damage to a large number of enemies. No Zombie is safe from bleed damage. 

Blinded: The affected person will have either fully or partially impaired vision for a short period of time. 

Slowed: The best way to get away from fast Zombies is by inflicting this type of Status Effect. This will completely disable sprinting for a short period of time, allowing you to be on your merry way, away from the Zombies. 

Zombie-Specific Status Effects 

Stunned: It will temporarily immobilize the zombie, allowing you to hit back with full force and put the zombie to rest, once and for all. 

Flammable: If a zombie is covered in any kind of item that can easily catch fire, such as oil or fuel, they are considered Flammable. During this time, they are more vulnerable to fire damage. 

Soggy: Nobody likes a soggy cookie but we sure like a Soggy Zombie because a soggy zombie means a wet zombie and a wet Zombie means they die the moment they will come into contact with electricity. 

Weakened: Zombies can be affected by the weakened Status Effect. During this time, physical attacks will cause more damage and any zombie can be taken down with relative ease. 

Frenzied: It will make the zombie act more frantic and aggressive than usual. The upside of this status effect is that they will recover from any negative effects much faster. 

Traumatized: The brain of a Zombie gets fully shaken up and sends them into a state of disorientation. During this time, they won’t move or attack. Be careful because dealing any sort of damage to a traumatized zombie will shake off the effect. 

How To Use Status Effects in Dead Island 2? 

Now that we know all about every Status Effect, it is time to shake the brain bush and see what falls out. The behavior of every type of Status Effect is much similar to what they would be in a real-world scenario. 

For instance, if a Zombie is Flammable, anything that can cause a fire to start will set it on fire such as a Molotov Cocktail. If a zombie is Wet and Soggy, it is more susceptible to electric shocks thus laying down live wires, might do the trick. 

Furthermore, you can also mod your weapons in order to cause these Status Effects without any external help. Be creative in setting up traps, set chain reactions and just wait for them to go KABOOM! 

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