How To Solve Pressure Balance Puzzles In Dead Island 2

The main storyline of Dead Island 2 consists of three Pressure Balance Puzzles, which rank from easy to challenging. To progress in the ...

Over the course of Dead Island 2’s campaign, you will encounter various puzzles that repeat with different twists. One such puzzle that occurs in at least 3 main missions is the Dead Island 2 pressure balance puzzle. In each of these missions, the pressure balance puzzle will have some changes to it or the number of valves increased to give players a challenge.

How to solve Dead Island 2 pressure balance puzzle

The general concept to solve these pressure puzzles is the same in every mission. For this puzzle, you have to rotate some valves and levers to adjust the pressure in gas or water pipes until they reach the required number.

You might have to deal with multiple valves or the valves might be on a timer, forcing you to be quick and run between valves in order to maintain a balance.

For every puzzle, you will see a central console or screen on a pipe with the number (or the quest objective will tell you the required pressure). Simply move around and either turn on or off the different valves and levers to balance the pressure in the pipes to reach that number.

Justifiable Zombicide Pressure Balance Puzzle

This puzzle has two phases. In the first one, you need to enable a pressure of 20 to turn the first tank green. Simply rotate the valve below the tank to complete the first stage. Afterward, turn around, destroy the crate to enter the fenced area and you will see another valve.

Turn this on to enable 50 pressure until the tanks have a total of 70 pressure, thus solving the Justifiable Zombicide pressure balance puzzle.


Flushed Pressure Balance Puzzle

This pressure balance puzzle in Dead Island 2 is a bit tricky as it requires some precise timing. The levers that handle pressure balance go back to their original pressure so you will need to be quick. Thankfully, the quest objective will continue updating to let you know the pressure you have achieved.

As soon as you enter, you will notice a pipe with the pressure value 10 has its valve removed. A room on your right being flooded with caustic gas has the valve on the table. Go ahead until you reach the main room with multiple valves. In the corner of this room, you will see a water container.

Grab it and then turn off the caustic valve. This will stop the caustic flow from the pipes and then you can use the can to clear caustic sludge from the ground and grab the valve on the table. Repair the 10 pressure pipe you saw at the start. Turn it on and your objective will now ask you to balance 75 pressure.

The water lever in the main vat room enables 45 pressure, the lever in the room where you got the valve from enables 20. The 45 lever is on a timer so quickly run between the two and turn them on and that will change the objective to vat 3 which asks for 45 pressure.

This should be easy, just go back out, turn off the 10 pressure valve, and then turn on the 45 pressure lever in the room. This will complete the Dead Island 2 Flushed pressure balance puzzle.

The End of Line Pressure Balance Puzzle

There are a lot of flame pipes that you need to balance in The End of the Line mission in Dead Island 2. To start off, grab the valve from inside the fenced area where the dead zombie is against the wall. Install it on the yellow pipe marked hydrogen.

Turn the valve till the upper stream of flames disappears, allowing you to jump over the fire on the ground and reach the fuel lever on the other side.

Turn the 10-pressure lever to stop fuel leakage so you can extinguish the fire later. Now enable the 20-pressure valve to balance the pressure in tank 2. Once this is done, turn off the 20-pressure valve so you can get to work on balancing tank 3 pressure.

Tank 3 is easy. Simply turn around towards the fenced area. You will see a water pressure lever. Turn it which will in turn flow water to the valve that was inside the fenced area. This valve enables 50-pressure water. Turn the valve and your objective will be complete, balancing the pressure in End of the Line mission of Dead Island 2.

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