How To Get Money Fast In Dead Island 2

In Dead Island 2, despite Hell-A being under zombie attack, money hasn’t lost its importance a little. You will need...

In Dead Island 2, despite Hell-A being under zombie attack, money hasn’t lost its importance a little. You will need money in Dead Island 2 to buy resources and blueprints as well as upgrade weapons. This means to ensure survival in the apocalypse, Dead Island 2 cash is as important as powerful weapons and best builds.

How to make cash fast in Dead Island 2

Conventionally, money can be made by completing the main story missions and side missions but as you level up in the game you will be running out of money so need smart ways to boost your cash reserves. We are here to guide you on how you can quickly and easily earn a lot of cash in Dead Island 2.

Loot everything you see

Since the area of LA is under attack, you will find many leftover wallets in the streets and blocks of Los Angeles. Mostly zombies drop only one wallet with a little cash in them, but some apex zombies may have dropped 3 wallets at maximum.

Search each and every corner of the world to loot the cash as almost all buildings and stores are abandoned. You may find a handsome amount of cash in the coin vaults, chests, and cash registers. You can also earn a lot of money by winning cash prizes in challenges given by individual actions.

Selling unused items

Sometimes, you have some weapons and crafting materials in your inventory that are not much of use. It is a great opportunity to earn some cash rather than just scrapping them for parts. Traders at safehouses will buy not only old weapons but also extra resources like Scrap if you have a surplus of them.

Selling crafting materials like wires, alloys, or fabric can also be worthwhile but their value is much lower as compared to weapons. You should only keep 50 of them and the ones who are actually useful.


You can earn a very decent amount of money in Dead Island 2 by selling melee weapons. Guns can give off much higher than that. You will be finding many weapons in drop-offs and fights with zombies. A pristine weapon sells for a higher value than a damaged one.

Even if you don’t need grey or green weapons, pick them up if you see they have a good Sell Value as they can still net you a couple hundred or thousand cash.

Hunt for apex-infected zombies so that you can loot the crates which contain a lot of rare weapons which can be sold out for a good amount of cash.

Maglocks and fuses

While venturing through the game world, you will find that some of the areas are locked either by maglocks or by fuse boxes that require you to insert a fuse bought from a vendor. These locations are great opportunities for cash.

You must fix every open fuse box by spending only one fuse and break every maglock because there will be a high potential to earn cash behind these locks. There you may find cash wallets, weapons, and resources. You can also sell this stuff to earn a massive amount of money in DI2.

Do keep in mind that buying a fuse costs $1500 so make sure you only open the good ones unless you have a lot of cash to spare. That being said, every Zomproof Slayer Hoard will net you a good amount of cash so you will definitely recuperate the money you spent to open it.

dead island 2 make money fast

The best strategy is to save money and not spend it on useless stuff. Only spend your cash on ammo, adhesives, and upgrading only specific weapons and features. Make sure you aren’t wasting money on upgrading the level of a weapon unless it is a unique or legendary weapon. Dead Island 2 is all about looting every possible thing to earn cash fast.

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