Dead Island 2 Missing: Davis Quest Guide

In Dead Island 2, Missing Davis quest has you track down a character named Davis. Sadly, he has been turned. Here is how to do the quest!

With the zombie apocalypse underway in full swing in Dead Island 2, very few people have managed to survive the onslaught. Dead Island 2 Missing: Davis is one of the Lost and Found quests which involve you tracking down certain people and trying to find them. In this particular quest, you are tasked with finding Davis in hopes that he might have survived.  

As it turns out at the end of the Missing Davis quest, the poor soul also got infected, and your task now is to put him out of his misery. You can read on ahead to get step-by-step information on all the objectives of the Dead Island 2 Missing: Davis Quest. 

How to start the Dead Island 2 Missing: Davis Quest  

Before you begin the Missing: Davis Quest, you need to make sure that you have unlocked the Santa Monica Pier section of the game. After that, the quest will automatically appear on the board. 

Once that is done, you can start the quest by finding and interacting with the Missing Person board located in the Serling Hotel. Once in the hotel, you can find the board near the Doctor’s office. 

From the Missing Person board, you need to find the Davis poster on the wall and interact with it thus starting the quest. You will also get your first waypoint for the quest. 

Head to the Venice Beach 

From the Serling Hotel, make your way to the Blue Crab Grill at Venice Beach by using the Fast Travel point outside the hotel. Here, you need to look for clues inside the orange and blue buses located at the end of the street. 

To get to the Sunset Buses, you need to head East and jump a couple of fences from the Blue Crab Grill. A burning runner will be waiting for you at the end of the street that needs to be dealt with. 

From there, you need to search every Sunset Bus for clues. Once you have found the clue, you will get Davis’ location which is on the Santa Monica Pier. 

After getting the clue, use the fast travel point back at the Blue Crab Hotel to travel to the pier. 

Find and Fight Davis 

From the fast travel point, head North until you reach the Hot Dog Shack and get to the Sunset Buses located right beside it. Davis can be found standing in front of the last bus in front of the Porta-potty.  

After finding Davis, the next task is to defeat him which will be easy as he is a regular crusher. He will need several strikes with your weapons until he goes down but he won’t put up much of a fight. 

Defeating Davis will complete all the objectives of the Missing: Davis Quest and you will be rewarded with an Improvised Hammer and 1500XP. 

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