Dead Island 2 Michael’s Safe Key Location

While getting the pleasure of killing the zombies, you will come across Dead Island 2 Michael's safe that requires you to find a key to ...

While getting the pleasure of killing the zombies, you will come across many lockers and safes. These are not related to the main story. One such safe is the Dead Island 2 Michael’s safe which you can open using a key. With the guide below, you will learn about the events that led you to the safe and the location of Michael’s Safe key in Dead Island 2.

How to get Michael’s Safe Key in Dead Island 2

You cannot directly go searching the area for Michael’s Safe key. Certain quests lead you to the Safe of Michael. You will encounter the quest (O Michael, Where Art Thou).

While attempting the quest, you will see a locked safe on the lower shelf in the living room beside the basket. Although you will not get the key at this point, it is useless to look for it. Just try to complete the quest in Dead Island 2.

While attempting the quest, you will reach Beverly Hills, where Michael lives. A map is shown below, so head to where the cursor is. Upon inspecting his house and killing zombies on the way, you will come to know Jessie through its answering machine.

At this point, your objective will change to figure out where Jessie lives in Dead Island 2. Upon investigating further, you will know the address of Jessie Kwon. Now the objective will change to visit Jessie Kwon.

At this point, you do not have to continue the mission to get Michael’s Safe key in Dead Island 2. Exit the house, and you will see a zombie. When you aim at the zombie, you will notice its name is Michael’s Protégé. You will have to kill him to get the Safe key.

Although you may not find this zombie at the entrance, roam around the house, and you will find the zombie eventually. If you still can’t find the zombie, try clicking on the main menu and continuing to the game.

It will spawn the zombie (Michael’s Protégé) near his house. Once you have the key, return to the living room of Michael, and try the key in the Safe underneath the TV. Hopefully, this will open the safe, and you will get what is inside (Defiant Hunting Knife).

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