Dead Island 2 Mailman’s Keys Location

In Dead Island 2, Mailman's Keys are required to open a crate to get a sweet rifle. Finding it can be difficult. Read on to learn how to do so!

Dead Island 2 adds the unique concept of the “Lost and Found” quests. These mini-quests require you to find missing items or a missing person. One of these Lost and Found Weapon quests is the “My Mailman was a Zombie” for which you need to find the Dead Island 2 Mailman’s Keys before you can claim your reward.

During this quest, you must visit Bel-Air to find a delivery truck with the Raven sharpshooter rifle inside a crate near it. However, to acquire it, you must unlock the crate which requires you to find the Mailman’s Keys. Lucky for you, we have prepared this Dead Island 2 Mailman’s Key Locations guide to help you find the Mailman’s key. 

How to start My Mailman Was A Zombie quest

Before taking part in the “My Mailman was a Zombie” Lost and Found quest, there are additional objectives that you must have cleared. Firstly, you must have completed the main story up to the point you reach Venice Beach (Red Mist mission). Doing so will grant you the ability to fast travel, which is quite handy when completing the lost and found quests.  

Secondly, complete the side quest “Clickbait.” During this quest, you must travel to the Goat Pen and talk to Amanda Styles atop the mansion who then assigns you the quest. With these requirements now completed, fast travel to the location marked on the map given below: 

Once at the location, go straight from the main entrance to the Goat Pen to find the delivery truck. You will find a corpse and a Special Delivery crate next to it. Interact with the board next to the corpse that says, “Signature Required”.

This will initiate the My Mailman Was A Zombie quest and you must now inspect two Mail Packages and find the Mailman’s Key in Dead Island 2 to unlock the crate. This will contain the Raven Rifle. 


Mail Package#1 

The first Mail Package is found inside the Goat Pen. Simply enter the area and go down using the stairs to the main door. The package is found on the trolley. Inspect it and move on to the next one.  

Mail Package#2 

Exit the Goat Pen and use the street to the left to reach a black door to the right of the wrecked bus. Enter through the door and head up the set of stairs leading you to the Guest House. However, you must pass through the wave of Shamblers and Runners on your way up.  

As you are at the Guest House inside Curtis’ Mansion, exit through the side door and find the second Mail Package on a trolley near the White Truck. Inspect the package and locate the keys. 

Dead Island 2 Mailmain’s Keys location

The Mailman’s keys are found on “Access Rd 781” inside the large orange house. You will find many zombies along the way which you can avoid via a shortcut through the tennis court. To do so, simply head right from where you found the second Mail Package. 

Go up the hill and turn right to find the entrance to the tennis court with the burning zombie next to it. Head inside and up the stairs to the left to enter the orange house. Lastly, go to the back side of the house from the exit on the right and move along the path that leads you to the front gates.  

On the right side, you will find “Wayne the Mailman” next to the garage. Kill him and collect the Mailman’s Keys which he drops. Return to the Goat Pen and unlock the crate next to the Delivery Truck to acquire the Raven Sharpshooter Rifle. Thus, you will complete My Mailman was a Zombie quest in Dead Island 2. 

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