How To Defeat Dillon In Dead Island 2 

In Dead Island 2, Dillon is a hulking zombie you have to fight. What's worse, his arms are on fire. Here is how to defeat him easily!

Dillon is one of those swole enemy bosses that you will have to deal with in Dead Island 2. This large abomination packs some serious damage even though he is slow on his feet. Dillon is an Inferno Crusher zombie that you will be tasked with killing in the game. 

Taking out Dead Island 2 Dillon boss is not an easy task because the surrounding place will be set ablaze, and you will be crowded by other zombies as well. These factors can increase the challenge so for that purpose, we have prepared this guide as to how you can defeat Dillon in Dead Island 2. 

Strategy to defeat Dillon in Dead Island 2

In order for you to engage the enemy, Boss Dillon, you will have to progress the main story until you reach the mission known as The Giant-Slayer in Dead Island 2. The objectives of this particular mission will involve you taking out Alex’s old gym mates.

These will be Goose and Dillon. Another thing to note here is that Dillon will be the fourth enemy boss in Dead Island 2. 

dead island 2 dillon location

So once you start this quest you will have to go through Lenny’s store and towards the parking lot. This will be located on the north side of Venice Beach in DI 2. Once you get there all you need to do is get over the damaged southern fence.

After you jump over it, you will find the buffed zombie Dillon striding towards you. 


Dillion will be the jacked one with the mohawk and will behave like any other crusher zombie, but there is a catch. As the fight starts, the wall on the right will crumble and the oil tanker above will fall in between you and Dillon. It will start leaking and the oil will catch fire from the nearby electric wires resulting in a blaze.

Dillon will also catch fire, his arms in particular, and will now also deal fire damage. Needless to say, getting hit with these will ruin your day quite a bit.

dead island 2 defeat dillon

Dillon makes use of his large figure to do a big Smash Attack which has a large area of impact. This attack releases a fiery shockwave as well which can easily knock you off balance. This will also do lingering fire damage to you.

Moreover, the frustrating zombie lackeys will attack you constantly as well. Towards the end of the fight, Dillon will resort to using double smash so watch out for that as well. Make sure to pack health supplies to replenish your health during the boss fight in DI 2. 

Start by thinning the number of surrounding zombies first and then go directly for Dillon. He may hit hard but he is slow, so you can get behind him easily and use melee attacks to lower his health.

You can shoot the red barrels around the place to kill groups of normal zombies when they surround them. Then you can deliver some headshots on Dillon which will result in critical hits and decrease his life. If you have enough ammo, this will be the best way to take him down. 

Furthermore, you can avoid his crusher attack by jumping at the exact moment he tends to smash the ground. Lastly, you can resort to using Fury mode which will help you in defeating Dillon in Dead Island 2 quickly. 

Rewards for defeating Dillon

Once you kill the abomination Dillon in Dead Island 2, the surrounding zombies will fall as well and then you can collect the rewards from his corpse which include: 

  • Nailgun Cartridge (x9) 
  • Lenny’s Parking lot key 
  • Flammable fluid (x3) 
  • Oversized Arm bone (x2)
  • Alloy 
  • Mace 

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