Dead Island 2 Curtis’ Garage Keys Location

In Dead Island 2, you will be tasked with collecting Curtis' Garage Keys by a character of the same name. Here is how to complete your objective!

Pretty early on in Dead Island 2, you will be visiting a location named Curtis’ Mansion. The place is the setting for many quests including one of the earliest quests in the game, The Death of the Party. At the mansion, you will have to unlock several areas using different keys, many of these locations will have wonderful loot. One such place you must unlock is the garage; for that, you need to find the Curtis’ Garage Key in Dead Island 2. 

This task is strange because to get the keys, you must first enter the garage. In case you are confused, don’t worry, we’ll tell you what you need to do and how to do it to get the Dead Island 2 Curtis’ Garage Keys.

How to get the Curtis’ Garage Key in Dead Island 2 

The Curtis Mansion is between Access Rd 781 and Alpine Dr in Dead Island 2. You can easily find the garage as it is isolated from the mansion, located to the East of Curtis’ mansion. There will be two parked cars outside the garage, and on the East side of the garage, you will find a locked door, indicating a need for a key. 

Well, to get the key, you need to get inside the garage. This is not only the case with this garage, as several other places are scattered through the Bel-Air district that you can access without using any keys. 

To get inside the garage, turn toward the two parked cars and press the yellow button on the wall next to the shuttle. However, you have to be careful as two zombies will leap towards you as soon as the garage unlocks in the game.  

Make use of the explosive canister placed inside the garage to burn the zombies to a crisp, and use the blue water can next to the car to blow out the flames.  


There you can explore the whole garage to collect several items you can use in the later stages of Dead Island 2. To reach the garage area containing Curtis’s Garage Key, you must destroy the two blue boxes with “FRAGILE” written over them.  

Crouch through the created gap to find a Workbench containing Curtis’s Garage Keys and other items such as Reinforced Perk and several other small items in Dead Island 2. The Reinforced Perk is crucial as you can use it to upgrade your weapons in Dead Island 2. 

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