Dead Island 2 Brutalizer Location: How To Get

In Dead Island 2, Brutalizer is a legendary weapon that comes with a mod installed and will help you make quick work of zombies. Here is how to get it!

The Dead Island 2 Brutalizer weapon helps you easily make short work of zombies unlucky enough to have across you that day. It comes with wonderful perks and mods that make it a legendary weapon in the game. Legendary weapons are among the best weapons in the game with which you can eliminate even the most powerful zombies with just a few clean hits.  

To get the Brutalizer, you must complete one of the main quests followed by multiple side quests. It may seem like a hassle but the reward is well worth it.  

So to seek this weapon, let us dive into the series of quests you must take in Dead Island 2. 

How to unlock Brutalizer legendary weapon in Dead Island 2 

To unlock the series of quests that reward you with the Legendary Brutalizer in Dead Island 2, you must complete the 15th main quest, “Giant Slayer”. After this quest, you must attempt two side quests: “Resurrect The Rex” and “The Ballad of Rikky Rex“.  

In each quest, you have to find a few items from a particular mansion in Beverly Hills. You will encounter several zombies within the villa, so stay alert while exploring the area. After the completion of these quests, you will unlock the “Body Art“. Concluding this elaborate side quest rewards you with the Brutalizer.  

All the missions of the “Body Art” series of quests are assigned by a single person Francesca, who is obsessed with creating some art using different parts of the body.  

It will be your job to deliver different body parts in each part of this quest. Luckily, you can get all these parts with ease via zombies. Now let us take you through the different parts of this quest. 

Body Art: Visionary 

You just have to find 10 infected flesh pieces for this part. This is quite easy since you just need to find a bunch of zombies and kill them for these pieces. Shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes after which you will return to Francesca’s mansion. 

Indulge in a conversation with the artist and pick the next sidequest from the board. 

Body Art: Heft 

For this side quest, you must collect 5 Oversized Arm Bones for Francesca. You can get these by killing Crushers and each of their variant. You can travel to the marked hotspot area where Crushers are found and farm on the zombies until you get the 5 arms.  

Collect the items before returning them to Francesca.  

Body Art: Moist  

For the third mission, she will ask you to grab 5 Chthonic Ichor for her, and all these demands seem odd for an artist. However, your job is to fulfill whatever she wants so you can get the Brutalizer in Dead Island 2. 

For Chthonic Ichor, make your way toward the hotspot area of Slobbers. These creatures are perfect for this type of item, and farm on them to complete your quest. Return and repeat the same process. 

Body Art: Uproar 

Now you must farm Screamers to collect 4 Infected Spines for Francesca in Dead Island 2. You can find screamers pretty close to her mansion, so quickly grab your weapon and get done with it.  

Body Art: Vigor 

The next quest from the board means you have to collect 3 Blade Arms for her. You can find this item by butchering the Butchers. So go toward their hotspot location marked on the map to get the required items. 

Body Art: Dread 

With the 6th side quest, your collection of different parts will end. Here you just have to get 3 Mutated Hearts by eliminating the ugly-looking Mutators. Luckily, you can find these creatures right next to the place of Francesca, so quickly go ahead to complete these quests. 

Fast Travel to any area 

Now the last thing left for you to do is watch Francesca’s art using all the body parts that you have collected for her. So you need to start the Body Art: The Unveiling quest. 

The best method is to fast travel to any place and return to Francesca’s Place the same way.  

Now make your way toward the left side of Roxanne’s, and there you will see her proudly presenting her art. At the conclusion of your conversation, you will get the Dead Island 2 Brutalizer. Additionally, you will unlock the “Gore Horse” trophy in the game. 

What makes Brutalizer legendary in Dead Island 2? 

The legendary Brutalizer comes with Superior Melee Mutilator Mod already installed, meaning your physical hits are going to hit like a tank. With every hit, you build up the weakened effect. You will gain a boost in your stamina if you hit enemies under the weakened effect. 

Regarding the Brutalizer Perks, the Bloodlust helps you land more critical hits, causing your enemies to be weaker and more vulnerable. The Contagious perk allows you to spread the status effect to surrounding enemies without much trouble. So all these perks make you a beast in the game. 

Lastly, the reinforced perk takes your Force and durability to the next level at the cost of Attack Speed. So you can tackle different enemies by catering different moves and strategies with this legendary Brutalizer in Dead Island 2.

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