Dead Island 2 Ballad of Rikky Rex Quest Guide

Let us help you complete Ballad of Rikky Rex in Dead Island 2 get your hands on the O-Kami and Whiskey sword.

Getting your hands on some of the best weapons in Dead Island 2 requires players to stray from the main story and do some side quests. One such side quest is the Dead Island 2 Ballad of Rikky Rex which rewards players with the O-kami and Whiskey sword. As the name suggests, Ballad of Rikky Rex is a task you have to complete for Rikky in Beverly Hills and get him back his guitar, Rikky’s Chopper.

Dead Island 2 Ballad of Rikky Rex walkthrough

The Ballad of Rikky Rex side quest is only available after you have first completed the Resurrecting the Rex side quest. Afterward, go to Rikky’s house in Beverly Hills and he will give you the Ballad of Rikky Rex and ask you to find his guitar.

Leave the house when the quest starts, and head west down the road until you reach the large house with a pool. Get inside by going up the stairs, as this is where the guitar, Chopper, is located.

After covering all the staircases, you need to head right to reach the open door area at the top. You will encounter a lot of zombies in the area so make quick work of them as means to get some nice XP and cash.

Follow the marker on the screen and head inside the open door. This will lead you to the kitchen that holds Rikky’s Chopper. Unsurprisingly, the door is locked, so get ready to work on that problem.

Unlock the kitchen door

The objective prompt will guide you to find the key, that is, by taking it from Misha. (She is Rikky’s old-time bandmate). Now, head back to the place from where you just entered the upper area, and you will see a bandstand at the far corner. Step up the stage and start playing some music on the DJ Deck.


Listening to the music tunes, a pack of perilous zombies comes at you including the band members. The first bandmate is a weaker zombie (Walker), but the subsequent bandmates will pose the actual threat. You will have to eliminate a Runner, Crusher, and a named Screamer zombie aka Misha in addition to other minor zombies.

Be careful while fighting the undead enemies, as you must stay on the stage premises so that the quest isn’t restarted. Use the environmental hazards scattered around the stage against the zombies, along with applying other status effects to get rid of the lot. After Misha is dead, she will drop the key (and some other loot) after falling to the ground.

Once you have the key go back to the kitchen and open it. After entering the kitchen area, the next prompt guides you to move above the stairs and get The Chopper from the upper floor.

Fight your way upstairs!

Right when you think everything is safe ahead, a Burster will come at you. Get away for a sec as it is going to explode itself. After moving upstairs, walk a few steps to the left and then turn right. Now walk past the glass door to turn left, and approach another door.

Open it and then cover the glass door leading to the balcony. A burster will try to explode at you, so better take some steps back.

Reach the end of the balcony and turn left where some undead enemies will be having fun. Eliminate them and get the chopper from the drawer inside the curtain area. Finally, It’s time to return to Rikky to return his trusty guitar. Once you return the guitar and talk to Rikky, the Ballad of Rikky Rex will end and you will get the O-Kami and Whiskey unique weapon.

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