Dead By Daylight Stranger Things Expansion Adds Demogorgon, Nancy, Steve

A new Dead By Daylight Stranger Things expansion is going to be adding the Demogorgon, Nancy, Steve, and a new map to the game in September.

Gamescom has given us a new trailer for yet another expansion in the serial killer survival game Dead By Daylight, and with it we’ll be getting a Dead By Daylight Stranger Things expansion. The expansion will give us two new characters, Nancy and Steve, and a new killer, the Demogorgon.

Now that Stranger Things Season 3 has concluded and new Stranger Things video games are starting to be released, it’s only natural that we’d eventually get one of the scariest monsters in recent TV added to a game like Dead By Daylight.

The Dead By Daylight Stranger Things expansion, as we said before, will be getting a new monster in the form of the Demogorgon, one of the many sinister and vicious creatures from the dark parallel universe known as the Upside-Down. Unfortunately, this time you don’t have Eleven around to kill it for you.

We don’t even know what the Demogorgon can do yet, but considering all it could do in the show, it will be a terrifying opponent for anyone, not just fans of Stranger Things. It will certainly be one for Nancy and Steve, since they’re the two new characters in the game.

Since there are very few characters in the show that fit the bracket between “full-fledged adult” and “child” in the show (the latter of which would be very problematic to see get violently murdered in the game), it’s only natural the role would fall to two of the more important teenage characters.

Along with the new characters and monster, the Dead By Daylight Stranger Things expansion will be adding in a new map, a hospital that has been wrecked by the Demogorgon and is currently being corrupted by the Upside Down.

You’ll be able to kill people as the Dmogorgon or run for your lives as Nancy and Steve when the Stranger Things expansion arrives sometime in September.

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