Dead Cells Skills Guide

Skills are additional features that you can get to enhance the combat. They are not the main source for your damage but they work out very well as a backup. This Dead Cells Skills Guide will guide you through acquiring them. Our Dead Cells Skills Guide will tell you about all of the skills that are a part of Dead Cells and where can each of them be found.

Dead Cells Skills

In this Skills Guide, we will tell you about all of the skills in the game one by one. We will tell you what is it that the skill is used for and where can you find the blueprint for the skill. The blueprint will be used to unlock the skill before it can be used. You can swap skills using the interact menu and improve them by increasing your tactics stat.

Let us go ahead and take a look at all of the skills. Some of them are quite useful while others may not have as big of an impact on your game as you might expect.

However, it is best to find all of them and give them a try to see how they differ from one another and whether or not they can be useful for your playstyle.

Where to Find Skills?

Name Effect Blueprint Location
Double Crossb-o-matic Fires 2 shots at nearby enemies. Found on Zombie (0.4% chance)
Flamethrower Turret Nearby enemies burn for 2 seconds. Found on Shocker (0.4% chance)
Cleaver Enemies who walk on it are inflicted damage and start bleeding. Found on Runner (1.7% chance)
Wolf Trap Traps enemies for 6.5 seconds. Trapped enemies take more damage. Already unlocked
Barnacle Enemies passing below take sustained damage. Found on Thorny (1.7% chance)
Heavy Turret All enemies nearby take damage. Found on Slasher (0.4% chance)
Crusher Enemies in the area are crushed. Found on Spinner (0.4% chance)
Explosive Decoy A lure is left into place while you go invisible for 2 seconds. It explodes in the end and deals damage. Found on Defender (0.4% chance)
Sinew Slicer Enemies are dealt damage with saws. They take damage and then bleed as well. Already unlocked
Heavy Grenade Deals damage in its area. Found on Bombardier (10% chance)
Cluster Grenade 6 smaller bombs explode in the area. Found on Slasher (1.7% chance)
Magnetic Grenade Attracts people close to it and deals damage. Found on Grenadier (0.4% chance)
Stun Grenade Enemies are stunned and damaged. Found in the Ramparts
Ice Grenade Freezing enemies are dealt damage. Already unlocked
Fire Grenade Nearby enemies take damage and burn for 3 seconds. Found on Grenadier (1.7% chance)
Root Grenade Enemies nearby are immobilized for 3 seconds and take damage. Behind the timed door.
Swarm Small creatures are summoned to help you attack enemies. Found on Disgusting Worm (0.4% chance)
Oil Grenade Nearby enemies are covered with oil and take damage. Found on Hammer (0.4% chance)
Infantry Grenade Deals damage to nearby enemies. Already unlocked
Knife Dance Bleed damage to enemies around you for 4 second. Found on Bat (0.4% chance)
Corrupted Power You deal and take extra damage for 8 seconds. Found on Defender (0.4% chance)
Grappling Hook An enemy is pulled to you and your next attack deals bonus damage to them. Found on Catcher (0.4% chance)
Phaser You teleport behind an enemy and deal extra damage on next melee attack. Found on Runner (0.4% chance)
Tonic You are healed and take no damage for 4 seconds. Found on Conjunctivius on first kill
Vampirism You recover HP per hit for some time. Found on Inquisitor (0.4% chance)
Toxic Cloud A cloud of poison deals damage for 4 seconds. Found on Purulent Zombie (Graveyard) (0.4% chance)
The Night Light A lantern lights your path. skill cannot be unlocked – it only appears at the start of every Forgotten Sepulchre
Aura of Laceration Enemies nearby take damage. Unlocked on 5th completed Daily Run (only one completion per day counts)
Wave of Denial Enemies are knocked back and take damage. Found on Bombardier (1.7% chance)
Tornado All enemies take damage inside the tornado. Found on Guardian Knight (0.4% chance)
Meat Grinder Deploys a row of saw blades at landing point. Damages enemies who walk or fly over it but gets damaged itself too. Vanishes if you move too far away Dropped by Phazers
Ivy Grenade Immobilize the enemies and deals damage over time By the timer door in the transition after the Black Bridge (for 10 minutes only)
Death Orb Fires a slow Orb dealing DPS to anything it passes through. Doesn’t dissipates until a dead end Dropped by Meat Grinders
Flash Bang  Stuns and damages enemies Already Unlocked

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