Dead By Daylight Devs Working On A Next-Gen Multiplayer Game

Behaviour Interactive, the devs behind the asymmetrical multiplayer slasher-survival game Dead By Daylight, are apparently working on something new and next-gen, according to a website that chronicles leaks about the game. However, it likely won’t be a sequel to Dead By Daylight, but instead a new game entirely.

Dead By Daylight originally came out in 2016, and since then has become a highly popular game due to the steady addition of more killers, both original and from classic horror games, movies, and series, such as the Demogorgon from Stranger Things. However, with seven years under its belt, it might be time for Behaviour to move on.

Behaviour hasn’t been resting idly even despite the success of the game, either; various other titles have also been announced and released from them, but one thing we do know is that it likely won’t be a full-on sequel to Dead By Daylight.

Back in May of 2022, Behaviour Interactive’s creative director Dave Richard said that they had no plans to do a sequel for the game. Since the game has been going on for seven years, it’s not surprising that the studio would want to move on, even if Dead By Daylight is one of their most successful titles.

Instead of a full sequel, Behaviour Interactive just wants to make the current game as excellent as possible, likely by continuing to keep it updated with new killers, new maps, and new survivors for as long as they can.

Since the rumored game is also a next-gen title, Behaviour might also want to do something that pushes the envelope more than Dead by Daylight might have. The studio has a very wide variety of games under its belt, so it’s likely that it will be able to do a good job with pretty much any genre it wants.

We’ll likely have to wait for a while longer before Behaviour Interactive is ready to announce anything, but even if their new next-gen title isn’t a sequel to Dead by Daylight, we can at least take some comfort that they’ll be keeping it around for as long as they can.

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