Dead by Daylight Trapper Guide – How to Hunt Down Survivors

Appropriately setting up traps in Dead by Daylight and catching those vile survivors is of paramount importance in the game. As hard as it can be to ensnare, I have added a few handy tips in the guide which will ease the job while playing as the Dead by Daylight Trapper.

Our Dead by Daylight Trapper guide not only discusses how survivors in the game behave, but also tips on how to prevent them from escaping, how to approach them with caution, and other minor details!

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Dead by Daylight Trapper Guide

Our Dead by Daylight Trapper guide details everything that you need to know about trapping survivors in the game and how to do that effectively.

Things to Remember!

The first thing that you need to know is to approach them with utmost caution or you will spook them. If you are spotted, the survivors will make a run for it, prevent you from catching up using any means necessary.

Another thing that you need to do is to keep in mind any possible obstacles and escape routes set by these survivors before proceeding with the hunt. However, again do note that you cannot simply outrun a running survivor – there is no point in doing so!

Hiding Spots

After making a run for it, survivors tend to hide unless they know that you have given up. When it comes to hiding spots, there are a few to keep in mind. They cannot only hide on the outside areas including behind crate, in bushes, behind trees, and other locations, but also in indoor locations.

When it comes to in-door hiding spots, closets are one of the major ones. However, do note that they will never close the doors so as to avoid making noise. This gives you with an opportunity to find them with relative ease.

While you are outside, try to peek around corners and check if you can spot their legs or other body parts from behind a box or tree.

Effective Traps Placements

There are basically two types of traps that you can work with – Baited Trap and Sealed Trap.

When it comes to Baited Traps, you should try to place them near generators and escape routes nearby. Furthermore, you should also try to place them in bushes and in hard to see places so as to prevent other survivors from freeing your hunt. Once done, head to a hiding spot and wait for the trap to go off and proceed to collect your reward!

Sealed Traps, on the other hand, are better placed at escape points instead of entry points. You need to place them near windows, entryways, and chokepoints. When it comes to these traps, there is less need of hiding them.

Another important thing that you need to keep an eye out on is whether a trap has been disarmed/destroyed or not! Yes, survivors are capable of doing that which is why you constantly need to be vigilant and check your laid traps frequently.

Lastly, there are some accessories which render your traps to deal a huge amount of damage, forcing prey to call upon allies to escape. However, with a few careful traps placed here and there, you will completely negate this possibility.

This is all we have on our Dead by Daylight Trapper Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments below!

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