Dead By Daylight Silent Hill Brings Back Pyramid Head

The 4th-anniversary live stream for Dead by Daylight has just been concluded, including huge news. Silent Hill is coming back to our screens, this time in Dead by Daylight, including 2 new characters and a new map.

The announcement of Dead by Daylight Silent Hill came packed with a trailer, featuring the Executioner aka Pyramid Head and Cheryl Mason. Those will be the two characters coming to the game. The first will release as a killer while the second as a survivor. In addition, Midwich is releasing as a new map for the game, bringing more flair to the survival title. The trailer itself brings back memories since it’s the first time we see Silent Hill in current generation animation.

Dead By Daylight Silent Hill

Dead by Daylight Silent Hill is releasing on June 16 on all platforms. Although it’s not much for Silent Hill fans, it’s always good seeing one of the most iconic horror franchises come back. It almost makes us wonder if Konami ha something in store for us. The franchise lies formant for years with no clear indication of a comeback. We always hope that a reboot will happen at some point, although Konami keeps on denying it.

Dead By Daylight Silent Hill

A recent rumor has begun to circulate that we’ll be possibly seeing a new reboot or another form of Silent Hill on PS5, though obviously nothing has actually been confirmed yet by either Sony or Konami. The rumors want this unannounced game to be already playable internally. We’d like to hope that Dead by Daylight Silent Hill will trigger an announcement. This one is a long straw though.

As for the next chapter in Dead by Daylight, it releases on June 16th. No further new content is coming for the time being. All platforms will be able to play as Cheryl and Pyramid Head, including Nintendo Switch and mobile.

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