D&D Dark Alliance Designs Of The Duergar Puzzle Guide

Designs of the Duergar is the second act of D&D Dark Alliance. And in the mission Vergeeb Jamboree, you enter a dungeon. In this Dungeon, there is an attribute point locked behind a shield, along with a Dwarven cup and a chest. In this D&D Dark Alliance Designs of the Duergar Puzzle Solution guide, we will show you how to get the shield down so that you can get the attribute point.

D&D Dark Alliance Designs Of The Duergar Puzzle Solution

The key to solving the puzzle in Designs of the Duergar mission of Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance, is to look for symbols on the walls of the room and then stand over the corresponding pressure plate. For your ease, if you don’t want to be looking around the room for symbols you can just stand on pressure plates in the following order:

The First Symbol

The first pressure plate has a star with 12 edges drawn on it. This is located by the pillar to your right. Light up the symbol and reveal the pressure plates obscured by the breakable objects. Step on the pressure plates to light up the symbol.

The Second Symbol

The second symbol can be found by the blue shield behind a breakable object. Break the breakable object, and stand on the corresponding pressure plate to light up the second symbol.

The Third Symbol

Go to the gate that you initially used to enter the chamber. You can find the symbol right above this gate. Stand on the pressure plate with the triangle symbol to activate it.

The Fourth Symbol

The last symbol is a star-shaped symbol on a pillar residing by the very last corner. Stand on the corresponding pressure plate to light up the relevant symbol.

Now just head on back to get the Attribute Point, the Dwarven Mug, and loot the chest too.

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