D&D Dark Alliance Catti Brie Builds Guide

Catti Brie is a fighter character in D&D Dark Alliance and is a long-range bow master. This Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance: Catti Brie Character Guide focuses on the best builds for Cattie Brie after considering all her abilities, ultimates, feats and moves.

D&D Dark Alliance Catti Brie Builds

Catti Brie is one of the four playable characters in Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance. She is a human archer and can shoot very efficiently from mid to long-range.

Catti Brie’s Abilities

Talking about abilities, there is a certain limit to them in Dark Alliance. That being said, you can only keep two abilities active at a time for any character. Hence, read on the descriptions of Catti Brie’s abilities thoroughly to select the two best ones according to your play style.

Healing Spirit
The first and most useful ability of Catti Brie is the healing spirit that she can enchant to heal her health. However, this ability is in fact a compensation for her low Constitution due to which she is more prone to damage.

Ensnaring Strike
Ensnaring Strike is a powerful ability that Catti Brie can use to call the fourth roots that helps her grapple monsters in front of her.

This ability has a cool-down period, which can be slowed down by using Elixir of Concentration. It is a starting ability of Catti-Brie and hence you won’t need to unlock it using feats.

Heartseeker Volley
Heartseeker Volley is a pretty lethal ability as when used, arrows fall from the sky onto the monsters, dealing damage to them and making them slow.

Moreover, allies that are standing in the area of arrow-fall will get Precision Strikes and their Critical hits will be improved too. In order to unlock the Heartseeker Volley ability, you’ll have to unlock Heartseeker Volley move.

Resurrection is Catti Brie’s ability that allows her to revive all the knocked down allies within the range of the ability. You’ll need to unlock the Resurrection move to unlock this ability.

Most of Catti Brie’s Builds in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance will focus on enhancing her DPS by adding to her overall damage and critical hits. Let’s look at some variations below.

DPS Crit Build

Catti Brie is the most used class in D&D Dark Alliance because she is well versed in both long and close-range combat. However, the fun really starts when you start to build around critical hit damage.

For this build, you have to farm at Goblin Shard and The Companions of Icewind Dale. Look for a five-piece goblin set that grants you a 12% increased critical hit rate boost and a three-piece bonus from the Tundra Explorer set for eight pieces in total, that grants you a 5% physical damage bonus.

The Eight-piece goblin reaper set may be the best because of the 35% bonus damage to goblins. That may be true when farming the Goblin Shard however we want an overall DPS build that works universally instead of just goblins. So, the Three-piece tundra explorer set is the set of choice.

If you farm your specific set bonus and get the legendary variant, that will be far superior to just mix and matching pieces. This is the best universal DPS build that focuses more on critical hit rate and critical hit damage.

Sniper Brie Build


  • Strength – 9
  • Dexterity – 16
  • Constitution – 10
  • Intellect – 13
  • Wisdom – 4
  • Charisma – 7

Armor Set

  • Helmet – Tundra Explorer
  • Chestguard – Tundra Explorer
  • Bracers – Goblin Reaper
  • Leg Guards – Battlehammer Princess
  • Necklace – Tundra Explorer
  • Ring – Goblin Reaper


  • Health Potion
  • Stamina Potion
  • Elixir of concentration
  • Potion of heroism.


  • Heart Seeker Volley
  • Ensnaring Strike

Feat Tree

  • The Archer
  • Cunning

This is an OP Sniper Crit Catti-Brie build. For this build, the feats you want to choose are Offensive and Support Lines being the archer and the cunning line. Pick Precision Shot to increase the critical damage for arrows. Pick Sharpshooter to increase your critical hit chance and pick Piercing Arrow to increase your physical damage bonus for charged arrows by 100%.

For cunning, stick with one tree with an endurance stamina bonus. Also, pick up Scavenger because we will be using Stamina potions a lot.

Pick Health and Stamina potions along with Scavenger because Catti-Brie attacks use all of her stamina. That’s where the Stamina potion will come in hand.

For the last two slots, choose elixir of concentration and potion of heroism. Elixir of Concentration is used to cool down reduction for the ability so that you can keep enemies away and potion of heroism is used to give extra old charge.

As far as attributes are concerned, Catti-Brie at range would want to use attributes like Dexterity as this increases your physical damage as well as your critical hit chance and critical hit damage. Some other abilities also increase her crit hit chance and damage.

Next, you have to choose between Constitution and Intelligence. Intelligence will give you elemental effects of increasing their damage like poison and bleeding. Apply this regularly on enemies specially if you apply them longer will deal more damage.

Constitution also increases your stamina, stamina regeneration and your hp. But it does not matter how much health you have in general with Constitution because you can avoid damage overall. Even if your stamina is low, you can still go a full damage build with a little bit of constitution.

It depends on you if you want to go with constitution first because of taking too much damage.

For gear, choose Tundra Explorer and Goblin Reaper. For Weapons, choose a weapon with elemental effects like Cold because Cold Weapons stun-lock enemies, making things easier for you and saving your hp.

In solo play, you need Heart Seeker Volley and Ensnaring Strike to stop enemies from reaching you. Preventing enemies from reaching you in melee range is your primary focus. That’s why we have chosen these two abilities.

If you are playing in Co-op, run the healing spirit to heal your allies pretty much free of charge, without having them use a potion.

You may want to use every available move but two main moves you want to focus is Bouncing Arrow when you trigger this combo. You do have a chance to inflict both Bleed and Poison on enemy as well as roll back shot for the same reason.

This has a 50% chance that you are bleeding and poisoned on the target. Because of these effects, we want to trigger them as much as possible.

Bouncing Error also gives you some ultimate charge and stamina back, but the key thing is getting these damages over time dots on enemies. Both of these do ton of damage and if you trigger both of them on one enemy at once while attacking from range, you can melt enemies very easily especially bosses.

With Catti-Brie, you can just stand outside the combat arena and rain arrows on your enemy. Your damage gets scaled at a distance, but you can find the sweet spot about 10, 15 feet away where you will do maximum amount of damage with your charge shot.

They won’t attack you but your main focus with the charge shot should be the ground, next to the target so the three shots splash damage hit the target rather than the single direct arrow.

That way, you will do a ton of damage in a single shot especially to the weaker enemies. You will become untouchable because of the stagger that it does even if they approach you.

In Solo play, try to leverage her high damage arrows and quick attacks and try to avoid damage as much as possible. Focus on targets with low health and then move around the battlefield. Deal as much damage as possible and keep moving around the battlefield.

Catti-Brie has a very low amount of HP and unless you want to stack at constitution a huge amount, there is no way to mitigate this.

All of her heavy-hitting attacks constantly decrease her maximum stamina. So, you will have a low stamina regularly. To counter this, make sure you are kiting enemies around and staying out of distance. Then, break down your enemies with charge shot.

Only time, you want to be in a melee range is to trigger some dot effects or damage over time effects on enemies like bleeding or poison.

There are certain moves that will trigger both of these effects by doing just the one move set on enemies especially for bosses. This does a huge amount of damage but make sure you are doing this at the time when you are not going to take unwanted damage because you can die very easily.

There will be times in Co-op where you will need potions to heal so try not to waste them. If you are playing in large group, use resurrection to revive all down allies.

Archer DPS

This is a build to get insane DPS. For this build, go to the Archer Tree and to the right side of the branch and all the way down until you get the very last perk at level 10 and then you will get the left branch.

Make sure to pick up Health and Stamina potions as you know Catti-Brie’s health and Stamina depletes rapidly.

To get insane amount of DPS, make sure to charge up and then shoot at the mob’s feet. This will make three arrows to explode at the feet and you will get the damage for all three arrows. Put all your feats into the Archer Tree and your damage will go insane.

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